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IP University Question Papers, Must Check Last 5 Year Papers PDF Here!

IP University Question Papers

Here we’re Introducing Last 5 Year IP University Question Papers, start your Preparation accordingly!!!  Students, who’re going to appear in Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University exam, must check the Indraprastha University Question Papers from this page for scoring good marks. Candidates can start their preparation with the help of the Previous Year Papers. Students, you may also download IP University Last 5 Year Papers in pdf format through online mode only.

Indraprastha University or GGS (Guru Gobind Singh) IP University is recognized by the UGC, India under 12B section of University Grants Commission Act. We the team of is providing you Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University Previous Year Question Paper in below section, take a look.

IP University Question Papers

Question 1. How will you free the allocated memory?

A. Remove (var-name)

B. Free (var-name)

C. Delete (var-name)

D. Dalloc (var-name)

Answer: B

Question 2. What is the similarity between a structure, union and enumeration?

A. All of them let you define new values

B. All of them let you define new data types

C. All of them let you define new pointers

D. All of them let you define new structures

Answer: B

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Question 3.  Which of the following function sets first n characters of a string to a given character?

A. Strinit()

B. Strnset()

C. Strset()

D. Strcset()

Answer: B

Question 4. Can a class have virtual destructor?

A. Yes

B. No

Answer: A

Question 5. Which of the following function is used to find the first occurrence of a given string in another string?

A. Strchr()

B. Strrchr()

C. Strstr()

D. Strnset()

Answer: C

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Question 6. What will happen if in a C program you assign a value to an array element whose subscript exceeds the size of array?

A. The element will be set to 0

B. The compiler would report an error

C. The program may crash if some important data gets overwritten

D. The array size would appropriately grow

Answer: C

Question 7. Which of the following statement is correct?

A. C++ enables to define functions that take constants as an argument

B. We cannot change the argument of the function that that are declared as constant

C. Both A and B

D. We cannot use the constant while defining the function

Answer: C

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Question 8. Which of the following statement is correct?

A. Two functions having same number of argument, order and type of argument can be overloaded if both functions do not have any default argument

B. Overloaded function must have default arguments

C. Overloaded function must have default arguments starting from the left of argument list

D. A function can be overloaded more than once

Answer: D

Question 9. Which one of the following is incombustible?

A. H2

B. CCl4

C. C2H2

D. S

Answer: B

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Question 10. Tin based white metals are used, where bearings are subjected to

A. High pressure & load

B. Low pressure & load

C. High temperature

D. Large surface wear

Answer: A

Question 11. All of the following alloying elements of steel increases hardness but sacrifice ductility, except

A. nickel

B. vanadium

C. molybdenum

D. chromium

Answer: A

Question 12. The fluid property, due to which, mercury does not wet the glass is

A. surface tension

B. viscosity

C. cohesion

D. adhesion

Answer: A

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Question 13. When the momentum of one fluid is used for moving another fluid, such a device is called a/an

A. jet pump

B. blower

C. acid egg

D. none of these

Answer: A

Question 14. Oxidation of SO2 to SO3 is favoured by

A. Low temperature and low pressure

B. Low temperature and high pressure

C. High temperature and low pressure

D. High temperature and high pressure

Answer: B

Question 15. A cycle consisting of one constant pressure, one constant volume and two isentropic processes is known as

A. Carnot cycle

B. Stirling cycle

C. Otto cycle

D. Diesel cycle

Answer: D

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Question 16. The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of the unit mass of gas through one degree at constant volume, is called

A. specific heat at constant volume

B. specific heat at constant pressure

C. kilo Joule

D. none of these

Answer: A

Question 17. A and B together have Rs. 1210. If of A’s amount is equal to of B’s amount, how much amount does B have?

A. Rs. 460

B. Rs. 484

C. Rs. 550

D. Rs. 664

Answer: B

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Question 18. A sum of money is to be distributed among A, B, C, D in the proportion of 5 : 2 : 4 : 3. If C gets Rs. 1000 more than D, what is B’s share?

A. Rs. 500

B. Rs. 1500

C. Rs. 2000

D. None of these

Answer: C

Question 19. Seats for Mathematics, Physics and Biology in a school are in the ratio 5 : 7 : 8. There is a proposal to increase these seats by 40%, 50% and 75% respectively. What will be the ratio of increased seats?

A. 2 : 3 : 4

B. 6 : 7 : 8

C. 6 : 8 : 9

D. None of these

Answer: A

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Question 20. Destructor has the same name as the constructor and it is preceded by ____.

A. !

B. ?

C. ~

D. $

Answer: A

Advantages of Previous Year Sample Papers & Practice Papers

  • Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University Question Papers help you to know about correct format of the examination.
  • By solving last year papers candidates will know about exact type of problems which will come in the main exam.
  • You can manage your time in the exam in proper way and you can also check your difficulty area from practicing through sample paper and practice papers.
  • By practicing more according to the exam pattern you can get good score in the examination
  • By solving Sample papers and practice papers you will be more confident about your examination
  • You are at ease with main exam pattern by practicing Sample papers and practice papers and it will absolutely amplify your performance in the examination.

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So contenders are advised to must go through the previous year papers for well preparation and you can also bookmark our web portal to get latest updates regarding IP University Question Papers. Students may also follow us Facebook or Google Plus to grab upcoming details on your timeline wall directly.

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