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Java Interview Experience – Suggest Some Cracking Interview Tips To Freshers

Java Interview Experience

Candidates who are going to appear in Java Interview and want to know about Java Interview Experience than you are right place. Here we are presenting Java Interview Experience of Mr. Shekhar. He will suggest Some Cracking Interview Tips To Freshers by which you can easily qualify your interview.

Hello Everyone this is Shekhar.

I am here to tell you something about my Experience. It was really a great experience and I am very glad to tell you about my experience. I am sure you can learn from this and with the help of my experience you can easily crack Java Interview in any top multinational Information technology company.

My interview was on 8th March

Venue: Noida Express Way, Sector 125, Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Time: 10: 30 A.M

That company called us in seminar room at 11: 00 A.M. and made us sit. After that one person come and started checking our documents one by one.

Documents Checked:

  • Interview Application
  • Call letter for interview
  • Mark sheet of Graduation/ Post Graduation
  • Certificate of Diploma course (Jawa Language)
  • Identity proof
  • Pass port size photo

After verification of documents that person noted name of some candidates on one plain paper and ask us to wait for our turn.

One by one student is called for interview in the placement cell. Around at 12:00 P.M. they called me and I went inside asking permission. There were three members in panel 2 were male and 1 was female. They all are seems to be 35 to 45 age group.

I wished good afternoon to both Sirs together and to Mam separately. They offered me seat and said thank you and sit. Then they started ask question from me one by one.

Member1: introduce yourself ?

Shekhar: I replied and introduced myself in English language properly but in brief.

Member2: What do you know about Java ?

Shekhar: I said Java is a high-level programming language, which is originally evolved by Sun Microsystems and released in 1995. Java is used for Windows, Mac OS, and the various versions of UNIX.

Member3: List any five features of Java ?

Shekhar: I said five features of Java are Object Oriented, Platform Independent, Robust, Interpreted, Multi-threaded.

Member2: List some Java keywords (unlike C, C++ keywords)?

Shekhar: I replied Some Java keywords are import, super, finally, etc.

Member1: What kind of variables a class can consist of?

Shekhar: I said class consist of Local variable, instance variables and class variables.

Member3: Define class?

Shekhar: I replied class is a blue print which is used to develop individual objects. A class can hold fields and methods to explain the nature of an object.

Member1: What is a Local Variable?

Shekhar: I said local variables are those which are defined inside methods, constructors or blocks. Variable is be stated and initialized within the method and when method is competed it will be destroyed.

Member3: What if I write static public void instead of public static void?

Shekhar: I replied Program compiles and runs properly.

Member1: What is constructor?

Shekhar: I said Constructor is a method which is used to initialize the state of an object.

Member2: What is an Exception?

Shekhar: An exception is a problem that arises at the time of execution of a program. Exceptions are caught by handlers positioned along the thread’s method invocation stack.

Member3: Explain the Inheritance principle.

Shekhar: Inheritance is process by which one object contains the properties of another object. Inheritance allows well-tested procedures to be used again and allow changes to create once and have effect in other spaces.

This is my interview experience and I feel it was too good. I hope it will be beneficial for you and you can easily crack your interview.

Thank you

So be prepared for your interview and prepare your resume including all details regarding you but remember, never add fake information in resume. You should dress formally at time interview because as you know first impression is last impression so if you will dress properly it will create good impact on employer. Be polite with interviewer, don’t hesitate and make eye contact with employer when you are replying and don’t move your hand again and again because it shows your nervousness. We wish you all the best for your interview.

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