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Job Interview Do’s and Don’ts | Mistakes to Avoid & Impressions to Make At Interview

Job Interview Do’s and Don’ts

The success of one who appeared in interview, not only depends on what they say or what they do in interview but it depends on the way of expressing their self with their skills to approaching employer. It all depends on the way we present ourselves during interview to get hired or succeeded. Some of you are curious to know Job Interview Do’s and Don’ts to avoid mistakes and to make good Impressions at Interview. Check out this page while appearing for any interview to avoid the mistakes you made in your earlier viva voice.

To get selected for any job, interview becomes the final step. It is an official meeting of the interviewer with interviewee. It may be through screening, panel, Group, Telephonic, Video conferencing and one on one. During interview, it’s natural for a candidate to be nervous but being confident candidate has to avoid these common mistakes. If you can avoid making major mistakes then it will increase your chance to get recruited. Here below the team of is presenting some interesting Job Interview Do’s and Don’ts which a candidate must adopt while appearing for interview. Just have a look…

Job Interview Do’s and Don’ts

Job Interview Do’s

Do Your Homework:

While appearing for interview you should read as much information about the organization as you can by visiting to the company’s website. Also read about the company’s competitors, position and the industry as a whole because managers want to recruit employees who are interested in their organization and their position.

Do Smile:

Candidates must get nervous but their smile helps them to go a long way as through smile they look relaxed and comfortable and likeable. Smiling is most important during the initial greeting.

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Do Arrive To The Interview Early:

Weather and traffic are the important factors while you are going to appear for interview. So must leave for the interview early. If you arrive early, the hiring manager thinks that you’re serious about your work.

Do Offer A Firm Handshake:

Always offers a firm handshake and not try to crush their fingers. By doing a firm handshake, interviewer thinks that you are confident, enthusiastic and positive.

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Prepare anecdotes, stories and examples:

You should explain your points through anecdotes, stories and examples. This shows your strength in your previous job, class or activities.

Pay Attention:

Before answering to any question, just listens attentively what interviewer wants to ask. You can also ask for clarification if you are not sure of what interview just said.

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Do prepare to ask question:

Always ask intelligent questions about the job, the employer, or the industry. If you don’t have any question related to your job or the organization that shows your lack of interest and/or preparation.

Make Great Impression after interview:

After departing don’t forget to express your gratitude either through email, card, and letter or through SMS. Tell the interviewer how the job is fit for you and also refer your point of interest.

Job Interview Don’ts

Don’t Dress Casually:

Always try to wear office-appropriate clothes while you are going for interview. Showing a lot of skin is unprofessional for a woman or man.

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Arriving Late:

Arriving Late at the interview makes an impression like you do not care about the job. Try to arrive 10 minutes early for the interview. Always check out the traffic before going for interview.

Poor first impression:

Your first impression is your last impression!!! Do smile and use a firm handshake. Also make eye contact when first meeting with interviewer. Do not smoke before the interview as it smells strongly and also create bad impression.

Don’t be negative:

Always answer your questions positively. Don’t be negative at the time of interview or in your real life. Turning negativity into positivity makes new opportunity for your growth and enrichment.

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Answering your cell phone:

While during interview if you answer any text or take calls or look at your phone, your interviewer thinks something is more important for you than this interview. So it’s necessary for you to turn your phone completely off.

Poor body language:

Slouching, crossing your arms, not smiling, and not making eye contact are the signs that tells interviewer that you are not interested in that job. It also gives signal that you are confident enough in your skills to the interviewer. So try to make your positive body language.

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Asking about salary:

If you ask of salary from the interviewer in an interview, then it feels like your only motive to work for that organization is to earn money. You have to tell the interviewer that your main motive is to work for the organization rather than earning money.

We hope that you are satisfied with the details provided on this page for Job Interview Do’s and Don’ts. Stay tuned with this web page to get more updates.

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