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KUK Exam Date Sheet 2018-19 Nov-Dec BA/B.Sc/BFA/MA/M.Sc/B.Voc/B.Tech

KUK Exam Date Sheet

Students should check the KUK Exam Date Sheet. The university is going to conduct examination for the courses of BA/B.Sc/BFA/MA/M.Sc/ B.Voc/B.Tech in the month of Nov- December 2018.

To download the KUK date sheet, students need to press the given link on this page. They can also visit the official website of the university which is download the KUK time table.

KUK BA/B.Sc/BFA/MA/M.Sc/B.Voc/B.Tech Exam Date Sheet:

After going through the KUK Nov-Dec Exam Date sheet, students can get the exam dates. So they should plan their strategies to get the good marks in the examination. They can take help from the KUK last year question papers to get the idea about the question papers.

For more details about the KUK Exam Date Sheet 2018-19, aspirants can go through this page which is created and well maintained by the team member of

KUK Exam Date Sheet

KUK MA Time Table:

I Semester

DateSubject & Paper
01-12-2018Paper-I: Historical & Philosophical Perspective of Human Rights
04-12-2018Paper-II: Human Rights and Criminal Justice System in India
07-12-2018Paper-III: International Human Rights System
10-12-2018Paper-IV: Human Rights and Duties in India
13-12-2018Paper-V: Research Methodology-I

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Kurukshetra University Time Table:

DateSubject & Paper
24-11-2018BID-101: Interior Design Principles
28-11-2018BID-102: Materials and Constructions Details
01-01-2018BID-103: Drawing Techniques Graphics
05-12-2018BID-104: Arts and Drawing
08-12-2018BID-106: Archicture& Interior Design
12-12-2018BID-107: History of Interior Design

BID-108: Communication Skills

Tentative Date-Sheet for the B.A.&Hons (Subsidary) Ist SEMESTER (ALSO FOR RE-APPEAR CANDIDATES ) Examination:

Exam date as per KUK Date SheetSubject & Paper as per KUK Date Sheet
15-11-2018Political Science Opt.(i) Indian Constitution (New Syllwef 2017-18 onwards)

Political Science Opt.(i) Indian Constitution (Old Syllwef 2011-12 to 2016-17)

Political Science Opt.(ii) Principles of Political Science (New Syllwef 2017-18 onwards)

Political Science Opt.(ii) Principles of Political Science (Old Syllwef 2011-12 to 2016-17)

Fine Arts Paper-A (Theory)

Human Rights & Duties in India-I

Statistics Paper-I: ST-101: Statistical Methods-I (New wef 2012-13 onwards) (B.A. Candidates)

17-11-2018Geography P-101: Geography of India (New 2015-16 onwards) (B.A. Candidates)

Statistics Paper-II: ST-102: Probability Theory (New wef 2012-13 onwards) (B.A. Candidates)

Geography P-101: Geography of India (Old 2011-12 to 2014-15) (BA/B.Sc. Candidates)

19-11-2018Psychology (Introduction to Psychology)
21-11-2018English (for BA wef 2018-19)

English (for BA wef 2014-15 to 2017-18) 21-Nov-2018 English (for BA wef 2011-12 to 2013-14)

27-11-2018Functional English (Phonetics and Remedial Grammar Part-I)

Commercial Art, Drawing & Painting Paper-A: Advertising Foundation

Agro Services Paper-I: General Concepts of Agro Services

Rural Industrialization

Office Management


Fashion Designing Course No.101: Elementary Textile Science

Tourism and Travel Management Paper-I: Tourism Business

Mass Communication & Video Production Paper-I: Introduction to Communication ( New wef 2017-18)

Mass Communication & Video Production Paper-I: Science of Communication (Old Syll 2011-12 to


Early Childhood Care & Education Paper-I: Child Development (Basic Course)

29-11-2018Additional English (in lieu of Compulsory Hindi/Pbi/Skt./Urdu for non Hindi speaking candidates)

Hindi (Compulsory)

Punjabi (Compulsory)

Sanskrit (Compulsory) (New wef 2013-14 onwards)

01-12-2018Hindi (Elective)

Punjabi (Elective)

Sanskrit (Elective) (New wef 2013-14 onwards)

Sanskrit (Elective) (Old for 2012-13 Candidates)

Defence Studies Paper-I: Introduction to Defence Studies (wef 2018-19)

Defence Studies Paper-I: World Military History (from the earliest times to 1789 AD) (Old Syllabus)

Computer Science Paper-I: Computer & Programming Fundamentals (New wef 2013-14 onwards)

(B.A. Candidates)

04-12-2018Economics Paper-I: Micro Economics-I (wef 2016-17 to 2017-18)

Economics Paper-I: Micro Economics-I (w.ef. 2011-12 to 2015-16)

Philosophy Paper-I: Opt.(i) Outlines of India Philosophy

Philosophy Paper-I: Opt.(ii) Indian Epistemology and Metaphysics

Home Science Course No. 101: Family Resource Management

06-12-2018History Opt.(i) Ancient India (from Earliest times to the Gupta Age) (New wef 2016-17 onwards)

History Opt.(i) Ancient India from earliest times to Gupta age(Old Syll for 2012-13 to 2015-16)

History Opt.(ii)History of Haryana (from Harappan Age to 1526 A.D.) (New wef 2016-17 onwards)

History Opt.(ii) History of Haryana from Harappan age to 1526 AD (Old Syll for 2012-13 to 2015-

Economics Paper-I: Micro Economics-I (wef 2018-19 onwards)

AIH Paper-I: History of India from the earliest time to 319 AD

08-12-2018Computer Science Paper-II: P.C. Software (New wef 2013-14 onwards) (B.A. Candidates
11-12-2018Public Administration (Elements of Public Administration)

Sociology (Basic Concepts in Sociology)

Health & Physical Education (New wef 2014-15 onwards)

Health & Physical Education (For re-appear 2013-14 only)

Health & Physical Education (For re-appear 2011-12 & 2012-13)

Music (Vocal) Paper-I (New wef 2015-16 onwards)

Music (Vocal) Paper-I (For Re-appear 2014-15)

Music (Instrumental) Paper-I (New wef 2015-16 onwards)

Social Work Paper-I: Basic of Social Work

Mathematics Paper BM-111: Algebra (For B.A. Candidates)

Yoga &Nathuropathy P-101: (Theory) Introduction of Yoga (New wef 2017-18 onwards)

Yoga &Nathuropathy P-I(Theory) Introduction of Yoga (Old 2015-16 to 2016-17)

Paper: NSS-01

13-12-2018Agro Services Paper-II: Fertilizers and Organic Mannures

Tourism and Travel Management Paper-II: International Tourism

Mathematics Paper BM-112: Calculus (For B.A. Candidates)

15-12-2018Mathematics Paper BM-113: Solid Geometry (B.A. Candidates)

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KUK Date Sheet for M.Sc III Semester:

Time: 02.00 P.M. to 05.00 P.M

Examination Centre: A-524, Directorate of Distance Education, K.U. Kurukshetra

Date Paper
M.Sc. Bio-Chemistry III Semester
07-08-2018BCH-301, Molecular Biology-II (wef 2017-18 CBCS Syll)

Paper-BCH-14: Molecular Biology-II (wef 2013-14 to 2016-17)

08-08-2018BCH-302, Immunology (wef 2017-18 CBCS Syll)

Paper-BCH-I5: Plant Bio-Chemistry (wef 2013-14 to 2016-17)

09-08-2018BCH-303, Plant Bio-Chemistry (wef 2017-18 CBCS Syll)

Paper-BCH-I6: Bio-Chemical and Bio-Physical Techniques (wef 2013-14 to 2016-17)

10-08-2018BCH-304B, Human Physiology (wef 2017-18 CBCS Syll)

Paper-BCH-17: Human Physiology (wef 2013-14 to 2016-17)

M.Sc. Chemistry III Semester
06-08-2018Paper-XII: Inorganic Chemistry (General) (Syll.2014-15 onwards)
07-08-2018CHEM-302, Physical Chemistry (General) (wef 2017-18 CBCS Syll)

Paper-XIII: Physical Chemistry (General) (Syll.2014-15 onwards)

08-08-2018CHEM-303, Organic Chemistry (General) (wef 2017-18 CBCS Syll)

Paper-XIV: Organic Chemistry (General) (Syll.2014-15 onwards)

09-08-2018CHEM-304, Inorganic Chemistry (Special-I) (wef 2017-18 CBCS Syll)

Paper-XV : (a) Inorganic Chemistry (Special) (Syll.2014-15 onwards)

Paper-XV : (b) Physical Chemistry (Special) (Syll.2014-15 onwards)

Paper-XV : (c) Organic Chemistry (Special) (Syll.2014-15 onwards)

Paper-XV : (d) Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Special) (Syll.2014-15 onwards)

10-08-2018CHEM-305, Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Special-II) (wef 2017-18 CBCS Syll)

Paper-XVI (a) Inorganic Chemistry (Special) (Syll.2014-15 onwards)

Paper-XVI (b) Physical Chemistry (Special) (Syll.2014-15 onwards)

Paper-XVI (c) Organic Chemistry (Special) (Syll.2014-15 onwards)

Paper-XVI (d) Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Special) (Syll.2014-15 onwards)s

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KUK Time Table for BA and MA:

Time: 02.00 P.M. to 05.00 P.M

Date Paper
B.A. 2nd Semester
06-08-2018Hindi (Compulsory)
07-08-2018History Opt (i), History of India (600 to 1526 AD (w.e.f. 2016-17 onwards)
08-08-2018Health & Physical Education (Theory) (w.e.f. 2014-15 onwards)
B.A. 4th Semester
06-08-2018Political Science-II opt(ii) Indian Political Thinkers-II
08-08-2018Health & Physical Education(Theory) (w.e.f. 2015-16 onwards)
M.A. Hindi 4th Semester
06-08-2018HI-118/Paper-VII: Kavya-Shastra Evam Sahitya Lochan
08-08-2018HI-119/Paper-VIII: Prayojan Mulak Hindi

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Kurukshetra University Exam Date Sheet PDF Download

KUK Exam Date SheetKUK Date Sheet Links
Date-sheet of M.A.  Human Rights I & III Semester Theory Exams. November/December, 2018Hit Here
Date-sheet of B.Sc Interior Design Ist, 3rd & 5th Semester Theory Exams. November/December, 2018.Hit Here
Date-sheet of M.A. Music I & III SEMESTER and M.P.A. I, III & V Semester Theory Exams. November/December, 2018.Hit Here
Date-sheet of M.Com. Information Technology Ist& 3rd Semester Theory Exams. November/December, 2018.Hit Here
Date-sheet of Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) 7th, 5th, 3rd and Ist Semester Theory Exams. November/December, 2018.Hit Here
Date-sheet of M.A. in Fine Arts/Master of Fine Arts (MFA) I & III Semester Theory Exams. November/December, 2018.Hit Here
Date-sheet of M.Sc.  Applied Physics & Industrial Chemistry (I & III SEMESTER) Theory Exams. November/December, 2018.Hit Here
Date-sheet of M.Sc. (Hons.) Economics (5 Year) I, III, V, VII & IX Semester Theory Exams. November/December, 2018.Hit Here
Date-sheet of M.Sc. Bio-Technology (5 Year Integrated Course) I, III, V, VII & IX Semester Theory Exams. November/December, 2018.Hit Here
Date Sheet Under Graduate  Course  – November 2018Hit Here
Revised date-sheet for practical examinations of B.Ed (General)-2 year course for Self Finance CollegesHit Here
(149) Date-sheet of M.Sc Chemistry & Bio-Chemistry 3rd Semester (Special) Theory Exams. August, 2018Hit Here
(148) Date-Sheet for the candidates who have participated in Sports activities of  B.A. 2nd, 4th Semester and M.A. Hindi 4th Semester (Special) Theory Exams. August, 2018Hit Here
(147) Date-sheets of M.Sc 3rd Semester (Special) Theory Exams. August, 2018Hit Here

How to Download KUK Exam Date Sheet 2018:

Candidates can download KUK Exam Schedule by going through the below stated steps on this page, please have a look..!!

  • First of all you have to go through the official website of the university which is for Kurukshetra University Exam Time Table.
  • After that you need to hit the KUK Date Sheet Theory (Continued) option which is mentioned at the left side of the home page.
  • A new page will appear on your screen containing various links of KUK Exam Time Table or KUK Date Sheet
  • Now you have to hit on suitable link according to the course you are pursuing for KUK Exam Scheme.
  • Then your Kurukshetra University Date Sheet or KUK BA (Hons)/B.Sc/B.Com Date Sheet will be open on your digital screen.
  • You can download the Kurukshetra University Exam Schedule or take a printout of KUK UG/ PG Exam Date Sheet for future use.
  • These steps will help you in getting Kurukshetra Univerisity Exam Date Sheet.

Check Out: How to Download Time Table?

Final Words:

Contenders can visit the Official Link and they will get the further details about KUK Exam Date Sheet 2018-19. If you have any query about Kurukshetra Univerisity Exam Time Table, then you may write it in the mentioned below comment box.

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