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10 Strategies to Improve your Memory –Techniques that help Students in Exams

10 Strategies to Improve Your Memory

Effective and efficient memory is very important for reading ad learning for school-age children. But many students have memory problems, thus we have provided 10 Strategies to improve your Memory that help Students in Exams.

Many students have problems and deficits in remembering information in short-term memory, so it is mandatory to boost up Memory. Students can often implement Techniques and 10 Strategies to Improve Memory for Exams

Techniques to Improve your Memory

Students usually forget miscellaneous things happened to them; this effects the student’s life. If you want to make his/her memory strong, they have to do some exercises, meditation and take care of diet

Student’s memory normally becomes weak due to poor diet, Stress, lack of sleep etc. But with the help of 10 Strategies to Improve your Memory one will be able to develop a more efficient and effective memory.

10 Strategies to Improve Your Memory

It is common problem of any individual to forget something in their daily life due to certain stress, multitasking and less relaxation. But if a person wants to make his/her memory strong or want to Improve their Memory then can use below discussed 10 Strategies to Improve Your Memory

Here we have well designed this page with simple Strategies / Techniques to Improve Memory Techniques that helps Students in Exams to remember all what they have learnt. Most of students forget what they learnt, thus it is relevant to make up mind and boost rememberized power to acquire good marks.

1) Proper DietThe biggest reason of memory weakness is what you eat. You must take better care of your diet. Your diet must contain different antioxidants and vitamins which may protect your memory and give your brain proper nutrition.

Your diet must include green leafy vegetables, fruits and other possible food items which provide you enough nutrients to your body. Try to intake blueberries, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, dark chocolate and turmeric on daily basis.

Not only eating but your drinking may also affect your memory. So you must take care of your drinking things also. You must drink water a lot, water is the best tonic of memory weakness. You can have coffee, green tea or other healthy beverages. Experts even say that a glass of red wine is also very helpful.

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2) Try New Things Daily Repeating the same things on daily basis stop motivating your brain and your brain stops accepting the new things easily. This can be one of the reasons of memory weakness.

When brain goes to new thing suddenly after a long time, it gets confuse and it is not able to understand that thing. Due to this, it forgets the thing easily. To avoid this problem, start doing new things daily. Follow your daily with the break of at least 2 hours.

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3) Physical Exercises It is necessary to keep yourself healthy to keep your brain healthy. Physical exercises will help you in keeping your body and mind fit. Walking is also a very good exercise, it builds mind in bigger and sharper image. It also promotes the connectivity between brain cells and it also helps in the growth of new brain cells.

Outdoor exercises are more beneficial than indoor exercises. Environment helps a lot in decreasing tension, depression and fatigue.

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4) Mental Exercises Try to participate in memory games on daily basis. Take some break from your studies and go through some other activities. Try to find out the activities which must not be so easy and not be too hard to do. Give your brain some challenges but your brain should not feel stress due to those challenges.

You can find lots of games on internet can spend some time on social media or can do physically some activities with your friends.

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5) Pay Attention In order to change your short term memory to long term memory you need to pay attention on the things what you are doing. If you are sitting for study, the place where you are studying must be free of distractions so that you may get help in concentrating in your studies.

Try to focus on every small thing even in your daily routine, be conscious about what youare doing and what you’re going to do. This will make you remember the things easily.

6) Get Proper Sleep Sleep is important for memorizing and learning things. Your brain will have some physical changes in it if you will sleep after learning something new. You must take proper sleep to keep your mind active and fresh.

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7) Say no to Multitasking Stop doing more than one thing at a time. Nowadays, computers and other machines are the things which are doing many things one time. You are not a machine so stay at one work only.

If you will do more tasks at a time, this will not only make you tired but also make your mind start forgetting the things you have done.

8) Pen down the Things You can write down the things which you want to memorize. You can make your notes in your cell, laptop or also use pen and paper like in schools or colleges. When your teacher is explaining the things, note down that in some small points and recall them after sometime.

9) Stop Cramming Start studying your topics from the beginning of your session. Do not leave it for the last timings. Read the topics daily and try to understand them. This will help you in memorizing the topics.

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Researches have also proved that regular study is much more beneficial than one time study.

10) Release Tensions Go for walk or rides on daily basis, this will make your mind fresh and frees tensions. Fresh air will clear all the stress and depression from your mind. This will keep you relax for the rest of your day. Nothing is better than peace to recall your whole day activities and the small details of your day.

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5 Techniques That Help Students in Exams

Also check some of the Techniques That Help Students in Exams to remember what they have read or learnt. Have a look at 5 Techniques That Help Students in Exams and also implement it at the time of studies.

SPOTTING QUESTIONS You must go through the last two to three years papers. Check the questions of every paper and find out which questions were not in the last years but were in the papers two or three years before. Mostprobably those questions can appear in current year’s paper.

SHORT SENTENCES NOTES Try to convert your topic in short, direct and understandable sentences. This will clear all your doubts and also these notes will come in use for your preparation. It will also become easy for you to make any correction if needed and will save your time.

STRUCTURE YOUR THOUGHTS For learning long answers and essays you can divide the matter in sections and can make structure out of them which could become easy for you to learn. You can use this technique in your exam also.

This can make easy for examiner to check and easy to understand your point of view. In essays, firstly get ready with your beginning and conclusion; this will help you in writing the inner matter of it.

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MAKE STORY OR RHYMING To cope up with lengthy matters, another way is that you can break the topic into pieces and re-join them in your own easiest way. You can join them in the way of story or any rhymes. Making rhymes can be the other easiest way to learn lengthy solutions. You can use some modern tricks or sounding to make it easier.

PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY You can make your own photographic memory of what supplements you have learnt. This will be very easy for you to recognize, because in this you have to do is just bring your mind to that particular photograph and recall the memory. If you don’t have photographic memory then you can arrange your words in pictorial form also.

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Stop neglecting your problem of forgetting things; this can become a big problem in future. You can implement the above 10 techniques or can make your own strategies to improve your memory. These strategies will definitely help a student to increase his/her remembering power.

Essential Note:

Dear visitors, hope you are satisfied with the details mentioned above on this page related to 10 Strategies to improve your Memory. To get latest updates and any interesting facts keep visiting to our site regularly.

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