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Mobile Computing: Courses Available | Career Prospects | Future Scope

Mobile Computing

With the growing technology of communication, sources of data communication are growing faster in the whole world. The fastest growing technology in the stream of communication is wireless & mobile. The mobile phone companies are in research of new services to just attract customers.

Mobile computing includes mobile communication, mobile hardware & mobile software. Communication includes emergency problem & infrastructure networks. Hardware includes device components & software includes with the dealing of the requirement of mobile applicants.

This Page Includes:

  • Mobile computing can make your career
  • 3 top Universities that offers degree in Mobile computing
  • Advantages of mobile computing
  • Benefits
  • Courses Available
  • Career Prospects
  • Future scope

There at least 3 different classes of mobile computing:

  • Mobile phones
  • Portable computer
  • Wearable computer

The wireless & mobile technology is providing great comfort and time saving benefits in business, education, medical, personal etc. In today’s population we can see that many people are using smart phones & excellent featured computers, tablets, laptops and various gadgets which are actually helping humans to grow with technology.

Career Success Strategies

Mobile computing can make your career:

With growing technology, Mobile and Wireless technology has brought a great opportunity for our future to benefit every aspect of our life including business, education, and medical, as well as global communication. While a bachelor’s degree is generally sufficient to get into this kind of career. There are many jobs in the United States to make career in mobile computing.

3 top Universities that offers degree in Mobile computing:

1. Regional College of Management

Offers course in Master of Computer Application (Mobile Computing). This college is in Bhubaneswar.

2. Help University’s Department of IT

Offers 3 years undergraduate degree honours in Mobile Computing that will help students for a career in the mobile telecommunication industries.

3. Foundation Degree in Computing

Foundation Degree in Computing offered at Business, Accounting and Computing department is a 2-year program.

4. RMIT University

By learning essential technical skills, this college will deepen the knowledge by specializing in mobile computing. This university offers 2 years course.

5. SRM University

SRM University is one of the top ranking universities in India with over 38,000. The National Conference on Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing will be in 2015.

Effective Communication Strategies

Advantages of Mobile Computing:

  • Mobile devices can be used anywhere & anytime in various companies, it actually reduces time & cost.
  • Mobile phones is very good for entertaining whenever you are free or for any presentation you can use it.
  • It is very portable as it is light weight & can be carried here & there.
  • It helps in networking if you are connected to internet you can send files or other important issues.


  • You can place an order online
  • Set up new customer’s account
  • Check prices & stock availability.
  • Working by travelling.

Memory Improvement Techniques

Courses Available:

  • B.E/ B.Tech.
  • M.Tech
  • Bachelor’s degree in mobile & networks engineering
  • Master’s degree in information technology- mobility
  • PhD
  • Diploma holders in Electronics & communication engineering
  • Mobility, security, Wireless Sand networking.

Career Prospects:

  • Mobile Phone System Engineer
  • Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile Applications Developer
  • Mobile Applications Testing Specialist
  • IPAD Developer
  • Game Developer
  • Mobile Architect / Mobile Software Platform Architect
  • Mobile Technicians
  • Mobile Plant Equipment Mechanic
  • Telecommunications Tower Installation and Maintenance Engineer
  • Mobile Security Expert
  • Mobile Phone Verification Manager
  • Mobile Architect
  • Customer Care Officer
  • Marketing Manager
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Engineer.

Career Development Skills

Future Scope:

There is a scope of mobiles in future where android is about to change people’s experience as what they can do with computers. These seven applications loco/locale/geo-life/snap/Re: Public/Kei/flare is developed by students in Abelson’s class, as these applications will show that what android can do.

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