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Top 10 Olympic Gold Medal Winners, Player Names, Year/No Of Medals Wins

Top 10 Olympic Gold Medal Winners

Despite the fact that winning any medal is a great success for most of the athletes, but every athlete has a dream to win gold medal in Olympics. Merely some of them reach the goal- still very few fortunate are those who won manifold medals in Olympics. Here, on this page is the list of Top 10 Olympic Gold Medal Winners who won most medals in Olympics and becomes the most fortunate sportsperson. You can see below that the player names, year and number of medal wins by the Olympics athletes.

Every four years, the world come up together to watch athletes compete in either summer or winter sports competitions. Numerous athletes aim and dream about the Olympics, few make it. But for those numbers of persons, they are the pinnacle of their sport and debatably some of the best athletes of all time.

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US swimmer Michael Phelps shows off hisMichael Phelps is an American swimmer and utmost gold winner in Olympics. He is 18-time Olympic gold medalist, who presently holds seven world records in swimming. He is the mainly decorated Olympian of all time, with a total of 22 medals 18 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals. Phelps also grasps the all-time records for Olympic gold medals (18, double the second maximum record holders), Olympic gold medals in entity events (11), and Olympic medals in personage events for a male (13).

In endearing eight gold medals at the 2008 Beijing sports competition, he took the record for the most first-place ends at any single Olympic Games. Five of those successes were in person events, binding the sole Games record. In the year 2012 Summer Olympics in London, Phelps succeeded four gold and two silver medals, making him for the most successful sportsperson of the Games for the third Olympics in a rank.


2The second positions in the list of top 10 most medal winners in Olympics is grasp by Larisa Latynina. Larisa Semyonovna Latynina is a former Soviet gymnast. In 1989 she won Olympic Order (silver), International Olympic Committee and inducted into the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame in year 1998.

Between 1956 and 1964 year, she become the victor of 14 individual Olympic medals and four team medals. Her total of 18 Olympic medals was a confirmation for 48 years until exceeded by American swimmer Michael Phelps on 31 July 2012. Even though Phelps busts her overall medal count documentation, her record for individual event medals (14) still locates. Overall she won 18 medals 9 gold, 5-silver and 4 bronze in Olympics games. She is accredited with helping to create the Soviet Union as a leading force in gymnastics.


3Paavo Nurmi, an Olympic legend had a pet name as “Flying Finn” as he conquered distance running in the early 20th century. Nurmi create a strong record by setting 22 official world records at distances between 1,500 meters and 20 kilometers. Between 1920 and 1928 he prevail a record nine Olympic gold medals that is seven individual; two team medals) and three individual silver medals. At his max out, Nurmi was unbeatable at distances from 800 m upwards for 121 races. All the way through his 14-year career, he remained victorious in cross country events and the 10,000 metre race.

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USA Mark Spitz, 1972 Summer OlympicsMark Spitz granted as the swiftest swimmer of all time, complete his big splatter during the 1972 Olympics, becoming the foremost athlete to triumph seven gold medals in an Olympiad. His presentations were still more amazing considering world records were put in all seven events. His seven gold medals at the 1972 Summer Olympics, an accomplishment which is merely beated by Michael Phelps who won eight gold medals  at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

During 1968 and 1972 years, he create a mark of 35 world records, but 2 were in tryouts and informal. With his 7-gold medal performance at Munich in 1972, he was the mainly Olympic athlete in the history of the Olympic Games until Michael Phelps’s 8-gold medal act at Beijing 36 years later in 2008.


5Carl Lewis is considered to be one of bestest track & field athlete of all time and, with nine Olympic gold medals, 10 Olympic medals, and eight gold medals at the World Competitions. His career extended from 1979 when he first attained a world ranking to 1996 when he last won an Olympic title.

He reached the pinnacle in the world rankings in the 100 m, 200 m and elongated jump events recurrently from 1981 to the early 1990s, was named Athlete of the Year by Track & Field News in 1982, 1983, and 1984.  He set world records in the 100 m, 4 × 100 m and 4 × 200 m relays. His world record in the indoor long jump has set since 1984 and his 65 successive victories in the long jump reached over a span of 10 years is one of the sport’s fastest indomitable splashes.


6The King of Biathlon, Ole Einar Bjorndalen is a Norwegian proficient biathlete. He is the mainly medaled Olympian in the times past of the Winter Games, with 13 medals comprising 8 gold 3 silver and one bronze medal. On 20 February 2014, Bjorndalen was chosen to the International Olympic Committee’s athlete commission, having been converted into the most decorated Winter Olympic athlete in history.

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7Birgit Schmidt-Fischer of East Germany is granted as the utmost woman canoeist of all time. She has won eight gold medals over six diverse Olympic Games, a record she splits with Aladár Gerevich, across seven Olympiads: two times representing East Germany then four times represents the reunited nation. She has been together the youngest- and oldest- always Olympic canoeing winner (ages 18 and 42). She also was the victor 38 ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships medals between the year 1978 and 2005, including 28 gold medals.


8Norway’s Bjorn Daehlie is the most flourishing male Nordic skier in Olympic record. He had created a record of 12 Olympic medals and eight gold medals. Daehlie come first in winning the Nordic World Cup 6 times. He won a whole of 29 medals in the Olympics and World Championships in the era between 1991 and 1999, building Daehlie the most successful cross-country skier in history. He stops working after the 1999 World Cup season.


9Former Japanese trapeze artist Sawao Kato is one of the most triumphant athletes of all time at the Olympic Games. In three Olympics, he congregated a total of twelve medals, counting eight gold medals. He was a limb of the winning all- around team in 1968, 1972 and 1976, and also triumph the individual name on the first two occasions, but he had to resolve for a silver medal in 1976. He is one of barely ten athletes to have won eight or extra Olympic gold medals. Kato is one of the foremost flourishing male gymnasts ever at the Olympics.


10With 12 medals and eight gold medals, Jenny Thompson has succeeded in winning more swimming medals and gold medals than any of the lady in Olympic previous record. She won twelve medals, comprising eight gold medals, in the year 1992, 1996, 2000, and 2004 Summer Olympics. She initial become visible on the intercontinental scene as a 14-year-old in 1987, when she won the 50-meter freestyle and ranked third in the 100-meter freestyle at the Pan American Games. She prevail her foremost world championship in 1991, as part of the USA’s winning 4×100-meter freestyle relay team


11Matthew Nicholas Biondi, is American former rivalry swimmer, Olympic title holder and a previous world record-holder. Biondi battled in the Summer Olympic Games in 1984, 1988 and 1992, appealing a summation of eleven medals which includes eight gold, two silver and one bronze. During his entire career, he lay down with seven individual world records (three in the 50-meter freestyle and four in the 100-meter freestyle). In the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul, Biondi be the victor of five gold medals, creating world records in the 50-meter freestyle and three spread events.

In the last 29 Olympics, there have been more than 12,000 medals furnished out and this top 10 list is just a paltry summation when match up to the overall total. However, these Top 10 Olympians symbolize the crème of the crop winning the most gold medals. For this list, knots are broken down by most silver after gold and then most bronze.

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