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Online Chemistry Quiz – Study from Free Chem Test Series, Practice Here

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Online Chemistry Quiz

Desires to Crack Chemistry Competitive Exam WITHOUT Practice Then take our Online Chemistry Quiz, Now. Aspirants, if you’re a science lover, you can start study from Free Chem Test Series which is provided here on this page. Students, you may also attempt various chemistry quizzes and observe what you actually know concerning various topics like reactions, acids, organic chemistry, atoms, and bases etc. Here we are providing you few practice questions and answers which will help you in your preparation.

Chemistry is a wonderful subject which merges a number of dissimilar sciences, attempting to create sense of the complex world we live in. We can say that, it is the subdivision of science apprehensive with the essence of which matter is collected, the study of their possessions and response, and the use of such reactions to form new substances. You may go through below provided Online Chemistry Question and Answers which is provided by team of

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Online Chemistry Quiz

Q-1 Molar heat capacity of water in equilibrium with ice at constant pressure is

Q-2: Increasing the temperature of an aqueous solution will cause

Q-3: Which of the following will not displace hydrogen?

Q-4: Which among the following is most basic compound?

Q-5: The EAN of Co in K3[Co(NH3)6] is

Q-6: Which one of following does not give acetylene with water?

Q-7: Which enzyme forms phosphodiester bonds between adjacent nucleotides and covalently links two individual fragments of double stranded DNA

Q-8: Many of the vector for use in eukaryotic cells are constructed such that they can exist in both the eukaryotic cell and E.coli. Such vectors are known as

Q-9: _________ are used as vector to clone DNA fragments of more than 1 Mb in size

Q-10: Which method is used to introduce recombinant DNA into host cell?

Q-11: Who developed Dideoxynucleotide Chain termination method?

Q-12: The amount of heat measure for a reaction in a bomb calorimeter is

Q-13: Gutta Percha is

Q-14: ___________ are constructed by combining certain features of plasmid and the cos sites of the phage lambda

Q-15: A collection of clones representing the complete genome of an organism is called

Q-16: Who invented Polymerase Chain Reaction?

Q-17: BLAST means

Q-18: If a batch culture is continuously or sequentially fed with fresh medium without remaining the growing culture, it is called

Q-19: _________ of genomic DNA are constructed in small and edium seat plasmid vector along with genomic shotgun large unseat BAC library

Q-20: Which of the following would have the highest oxygen transfer rate characteristics?

By answering above stated question, you know about where you’re lacking and sometimes it is a good way to practice test for an upcoming exam. Even if you assume you’re previously a specialist you can positively learn a thing or two, mounting your facts of both chemistry and general science trivia at the same time.

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