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Phone Interview Tips – Top 10 Common Interview Questions And Answer

Phone Interview Tips

The telephonic interview is a medium for the recruiter to judge that you are a serious applicant and decide whether or not to take you further through the application process. Candidates may check the top 10 common interview questions and answers in the below section.

At the time of Phone interview the questions that arise are more likely to focus on the candidate’s general knowledge and skills. The positive thing about the telephonic interviews is that they are faster and more suitable for the candidates and the interviewer rather than a preliminary face-to-face interview.

Interview Preparation Tips

Today, many companies perform preliminary phone interviews to help decide the best qualified applicants for job opportunities. The main thing at the time of phone interview, don’t interrupt the interviewer when he or she is speaking.

Candidates should prepare for the interview by collect a list of their strengths and weaknesses and some typical question that might be asked in interview and the candidates should have a positive tone in voice at that time.

Interview Questions And Answers

Phone Interview Tips

How should you prepare for a telephone interview?

  • Prepare as you would for an in- person interview
  • Speak clearly and answers all the questions, don’t become distracted, and make sure you are in a quiet room.
  • If it’s a video call, then make sure there are no visual distraction and dress neatly
  • Consider it as the first step in the interview process.

Things you need prior to the Interview:

  • Place the Job ad, Your cover letter, and your resume in front of you,
  • Have a calculator pen and paper
  • Have your list of questions prepared in advance

Common Interview Mistakes

During the Interview:


  • When the telephone call comes  through, confirm who the caller is
  • Peace of conversation and never answers questions with a rude yes or No.
  • Make sure you speak clearly and concisely into the phone
  • You should not be eating, smoking or chewing gum
  • Avoid starting your sentences with “Ah”, “um” or “er”

Take advantage of this opportunity:

  • Telephone interview can be more relaxed then as in-person interview.
  • Treat it with the same importance as you would treat an in- person interview.

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Top 10 Common Interview Questions And Answer

Ques1) Tell me about yourself?

  • start with your name
  • Give your place information education in short
  • Job experience if any
  • Family details in short

Ques2) why do you want to do work with us?

  • Tell them what you like about the company
  • Relate it to your long term career goals

Ques3) What are your strengths?

  • Flexibility/ Independent
  • Hard working
  • Self motivated
  • Honest
  • Fast decision making

Ques4) What are your weakness?

  • Sensitive
  • Straight forward
  • Take decision very quickly
  • Impatient

Ques5) Why should we Hire you?

  • Share your knowledge and work experience
  • Skill related job and career goals

Ques6) Tell me what you know about this company?

  • Study about the company in details
  • Must know the name of their owners and partners
  • Update your knowledge about their compittiors

Ques7) What are your salary requirement?

  • Never share your salary requirements as a fresher
  • Experience candidates can share their expected salary

Ques8) What are your career goals?

Describe Short term and long term goals

Ques9) where do you want to see yourself after 5 years?

  • Expert at my position
  • as a valuable employee of a company

Ques10) Finally do you have any question to ask me?

  • Express thanks
  • Salary structure
  • Job location and timing

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