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Profit Percentage Formula | How To Calculate Profit Percentage? in excel

Profit Percentage Formula

Profit Percentage Formula is mainly used for business and financial transactions. Generally, when the selling price of any product or commodity is greater than its cost price, there arises profit. How to Calculate Profit Percentage in excel? Here is easiest step by step process to calculate amount of profit on excel sheet. In competitive exam too, some questions are asked from this topic. You may grasp this Profit Percentage Formula & score well in exam conducted by banks, Railway, UPSC & others.

By applying this Profit Percentage Formula, you will get answer of questions easily. In order to keep track of your business transactions, you may put these formulas to use. It will offer clear idea about your income & expenditure by estimating profit or loss. We, the team of are placing different types of Profit Percentage Formula. These formulas are based on concepts of Profit and Loss.

Profit Percentage Formula

Important terms for calculating Profit or Loss:

Cost Price:

The price, at which an article is bought from market, is called its cost price. It is abbreviated as C.P.

Selling Price:

The price, at which an article is sold, is called its selling price. It is abbreviated as S.P.

Profit or Gain:

If S.P. is greater than C.P., (S.P>C.P) the seller is said to have a profit or gain.


If S.P. is less than C.P, (S.P<C.P), the seller has sustain loss.

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Profit Percentage Formula

  1. Gain = (S.P.) – (C.P.)
  2. Loss = (C.P.) – (S.P.)
  3. Loss or gain is always considered on C.P.
  4. Gain Percentage{Gain % = Gain x 100/C.P}
  5. Loss Percentage: {(Loss %)= Loss x 100/ C.P.}
  6. Selling Price: (S.P.)= {100 + Gain %/100 x C.P}
  7. Selling Price: (S.P.)= {100 – Loss %/100 x C.P}
  8. Cost Price: (C.P.)={100/(100 + Gain %) x S.P.}
  9. Cost Price: (C.P.)={100/(100 – Loss %) x S.P.}
  10. If an article is sold at a gain of say 20%, then S.P. = 120% of C.P.
  11. If an article is sold at a loss of say, 25% then S.P. = 75% of C.P.
  12. In case person sells two related items, one at a gain of say x%, and the other at a loss of x%, then the vendor always sustain a loss listed as :

Loss % = (Common Loss and Gain %/10)2 =(X/10)2

  1. If a dealer acknowledge to sell his goods at cost price, but utilize false weights, then

Gain % = [Error {(True Value) – (Error)} x 100] %

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How To Calculate Profit Percentage In Excel?

Microsoft Excel is one of the useful bookkeeping tools for the ones running business. With the help of this tool, you can keep track of money moving in & outside of business by making spreadsheets. You may Calculate Profit Percentage in excel by following listed ways.

Step 1:

Start Excel program.

Step 2:

With help of right click of the mouse, choose four columns and a couple of rows.

Step 3:

Press on Insert tab and then on Table.

Step 4:

Put following values in the columns such as Income, Expenses, Profit, and Percentage. Candidates may fill values in Income and Expenses columns.

Step 5:

At next step, one may select the currency in which you are working with.

Step 6:

By hitting on Home tab, you may find currency settings with ease.

Step 7:

The dollar sign is visible in the Number section. On pressing it, drop-down menu will appear as shown in image.

Your table should look like seen here.

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What is the formula to calculate the profit?

For getting profit, enter the formula “=a2-b2” into the c2 Profit cell.

After calculating the profit amount, drag the corner of the cell to include the rest of your table.

To calculate your profit percentage, enter formula into the blank cell under Percentage: = c2 / a2.

After getting percentage, drag the corner of the cell to include the rest of your table.

One may view there is no percentage listed currently, but head over to the General tab up top and choose Percentage option.

Profit percentages will appear as seen in image

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Final words:

This is all about Profit Percentage Formula. Hope, you understand the concept of Profit Percentage Formula. Bookmark this page for getting more updates about it.

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