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RPMT Previous Year Question Papers – Check Out Latest Sample Paper PDF

RPMT Previous Year Question Papers

Aspiration to Crack Rajasthan Pre Medical Test, Check out Latest RPMT Previous Year Question Papers from This Page and Prepare Well… Candidates, who’ve applied for RPMT Exam, may start their preparation with RPMT Sample Papers which is provided on this page. Students can easily check it RPMT Previous Year Paper in PDF format through the online mode or from this page.Contenders are advised to stay tuned with us on our web portal to get latest updates regarding RPMT Solved Papers. 

Rajasthan University of Health Sciences, Jaipur conducts Rajasthan Pre Medical Test for the admission of the candidates in MBBS / BDS/ BVSc / AH programs in various government colleges.RPMT Medical Exam is a National Program of Fellowships in Basic Sciences, originated and sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. You can get whole information about RPMT Last Year Question Papers from this page which is created by team of

RPMT Sample Papers PDF

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RPMT Previous Year Question Papers

Ques 1) The dimensions of energy per unit volume is the same as that of –

  1. torque
  2. pressure
  3. acceleration
  4. force

Answer: 2

Ques 2) The velocity of water flowing in a non-uniform tube is 20 cm/s at a point where the tube radius is 0.2 cm. The velocity at another point, where the radius is 0.1 cm is

  1. 80 cm/s
  2. 40 cm/s
  3. 20 cm/s
  4. 5 cm/s

Answer: 1

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Ques 3) The excess pressure inside a soap bubble A is twice that in another soap bubble B. The ratio of volumes of A and B is

  1. 1 : 2
  2. 1 : 4
  3. 1 : 8
  4. 1 : 16

Answer: 3

Ques 4) The absorptive power of a perfectly black body is

  1. zero
  2. infinity
  3. 0.5
  4. 1.0

Answer: 4

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Ques 5) A diatomic molecule has

  1. 1 degree of freedom
  2. 3 degrees of freedom
  3. 5 degrees of freedom
  4. 6 degrees of freedom

Answer: 3

Ques 6) The dimensions of energy per unit volume is the same as that of –

  1. torque
  2. pressure
  3. acceleration
  4. force

Answer: 2

Ques 7) A uniform thin ring of mass 0.4 kg rolls without slipping on a horizontal surface with a linear velocity of 10 cm/s. The kinetic energy of the ring is –

  1. 4 × 10–3 joules
  2. 4 × 10–2 joules
  3. 2 × 10–3 joules
  4. 2 × 10–2 joules

Answer: 1

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Ques 8) A car of mass 1000 kg travelling at a speed of 72 km/hr hits a tree and comes to rest in 0.2 seconds. The average force on the car during the impact is –

  1. 36 × 104 N
  2. 1 × 105 N
  3. 36 × 107 N
  4. 36 × 105 N

Answer:  2

Ques 9) The distance x, in metres, travelled by a particle in time t seconds is given by x = 0.5 t3 + 2t2   The acceleration of the particle at t = 2 sec is

  1. 2 m/s2
  2. 4 m/s2
  3. 8 m/s2
  4. 10 m/s2

Answer:  4

Ques 10) Assume the earth to be a sphere of radius R. If g is the acceleration due to gravity at any point on the earth’s surface, the mass of the earth is –

  1. gR /G
  2. g2R2/G
  3. gR2/G
  4. g2R/G

Answer:  3

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Ques 11) Glucose and amino acids are reabsorbed in the

  1. proximal tubule
  2. distal tubule
  3. collecting duct
  4. loop of Henle

Answer: 1

Ques 12) The amount of CSF in the cranial cavity

  1. 500 ml
  2. 140 ml
  3. 1 litre
  4. 1.5 ml

Answer: 2

Ques 13) Which one is imino acid?

  1. Pepsin
  2. Proline
  3. Cysteine
  4. Renin

Answer: 2

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Ques 14) The main difference between Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria is

  1. Cell membrane
  2. Cell Wall
  3. Ribosome
  4. Mitochondria

Answer: 2

Ques 15) ACTH is secreted from

  1. Adrenal cortex
  2. Pituitary
  3. Adrenal Medulla
  4. Thyroid

Answer: 2

Ques 16) The lactase hydrolyzes lactose into

  1. Glucose
  2. Glucose and galactose
  3. Fructose
  4. Glucose and fructose

Answer:  2

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Ques 17) In 24 hours, total glomerular filtrate formed in human kidney is

  1. 1.7 litres
  2. 7 litres
  3. 17 litres
  4. 170 litres

Answer: 4

Ques 18) When the oxygen supply to the tissue is inadequate, the condition is

  1. Dyspnea
  2. Hypoxia
  3. Asphyxia
  4. Apnea

Answer: 2

Ques 19) Which one of the following is not a second messenger in hormone action ?

  1. Calcium
  2. Sodium
  3. cAMP
  4.  cGMP

Answer: 2

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Ques 20) The name of the pace maker of the heart is

  1. Lymph node
  2. S.A. node
  3. Juxtaglumerular apparatus
  4. Semilunar valve

Answer: 4

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