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Salman Khan 2002 Hit & Run Case Verdict –5 Years Jail, Live Update

Salman Khan 2002 Hit & Run Case Verdict

After a long time, Salman Khan 2002 Hit & Run Case had come to its verdict besides the occurrence of several court sessions that had caused Salman Khan imprisoned to jail of 5 years. Bollywood actor Salman Khan was found culpable in the year 2002 in court sessions due to his guilt of hit-and-run. According to court all charges not in favor of the actor have been proved. The court alleged that Salman Khan had drunken alcohol when he was driving and the guilt had occurred.

 Salman Khan 2002 Hit & Run Case Verdict

Main Highlights:

Court Sessions:

While setting up May 6 for releasing the verdict previous month, sessions judge D W Deshpande had intended for the 49-year-old actor to appear in court at 11.15 am. The actor was handed to jail of 5 years for liable killing. He is probable to be shifted to Mumbai’s Arthur Road jail.

How it was started?

A Bandra Metropolitan Magistrate, who had possessed the check under slighter charge of rash and negligent driving, for which the highest penalty is of two years, occurred in 2012 slapped the more severe offence of blameworthy killing and committed the issue to the  court. Salman Khan was coming from the party on the night of September 28, 2002 with three persons- his friend Kamal Khan, his driver Ashok Singh and his bodyguard Ravindra Patil when his car had ran over the people resting on the pavement of suburban Bandra and caused a hit over.

Explanations by the Actor:

The actor has explained that he was not driving when the accident had occurred which killed only one person and leave remaining four injured during the night of September 28, 2002. Whereas the tribunal has insisted that he was driving the Toyota Land Cruiser under the influence of alcohol and ran over the sufferers resting on the roadway outside a bakery shop in suburban Bandra.

Further explanations were given by the actor that his driver Ashok Singh was driving on that day. Driver Singh has approved this claim. The defence also asserted that police should get the finger prints from the steering wheel to know about the person who was driving the vehicle.

Sufferers of the road incident:

Nurullah Mehboob Sharif had been died in the accident and Kalim Mohammed Pathan, Munna Malai Khan, Abdullah Rauf Shaikh and Muslim Shaikh had got offended.
The defence also claimed that there were three persons in car during that night –himself, Ravindra Patil (his bodyguard) and his friend Kamal Khan, asserting that driver Ashok Singh was also in the vehicle.

Views of Srikant Shivade:

Khan’s counsel Srikant Shivade disputed that according to post-mortem report of the died one, the culprit had died after being trampled. He argued that his death had caused due to the crane called by the police for the lifting of the vehicle that could not drag it in one go and hault on the sufferers, causing injuries.

The defence counsel also contended that main cause of the accident was that the driver had lost control because of tyre burst. He also alleged that road was not good and stones were spread all over there.

After such a very long period of court sessions, the final decision of court had gone against the actor Salman Khan making him imprisoned for 5 years into jail. The court had not given any importance to the claims of counsel and driver during the court session and handed Khan into Jail.


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