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Student Union Election’s In Indian Universities Pro and cons

Student Union Election’s In Indian Universities

Student Union is also known as Student associations, Representative body. The student union is organized to give the academic support to the students.

In student union the purpose of the union is different and it may vary from union to union. The student unions are today organized in colleges, universities and many of the high schools.

Student union is organized both within the university and externally also. Some of the student unions are the political parties and they latter compete in elections.

The student union makes promises to the student for their welfare and not only the students but the faculties also gets the benefits of student union as they can also put forth their problems to the union like hike in the fee structure, irregular examination schedule.

The student union has pros and cons and they are as follows:


  1. Every single vote either it may be for choosing the Chief Minister or for your university it is always special and make you feel the part of it.
  2. Students enjoys the lavish time at the time of the elections in the universities as no lectures are taken and classes are obstructed.
  3. Big promises are made during the elections by the young blood. And the hope is only the criteria where voters live on.
  4. With the joining of student union the students can develop their social skills as how to talk to the people of different culture and create networking, leadership qualities also.
  5. Voting or no voting the students fully enjoy their time at the time of elections.
  6. At the time of elections students can put their problems to the university administration.


  1. Money rules at the time of the elections at universities, In order to gather voters from any religion, caste and from any gender. The unions which do not have much funding capacities are crushed.
  2. At the time of the elections the big promises are made and once the elections are over many of the promises remain unfulfilled.
  3. The hoardings, posters which state the leaders’ name, contact no. find their way on the roads and no one pays attention to clear all that stuff and therefore the environment losses every time the elections are held.
  4. The faculty of the universities faces a lot of problem because during the election the classes are suspended and the period for the completion of the syllabus gets shorter and makes it difficult for the faculty to cover.
  5. Sometimes the elections may give rise to the disorder or hooliganism in the universities.
  6. The elections are nothing but a step towards a political carrier which students want to win it by hook or crook.

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