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TCS Interview Experience | Questions ForFreshers | Technical/HR Process

TCS Interview Experience

Hi Friends, I Amanpreet Kaur attended the Interview held in our campus. It was my first TCS Interview Experience that I had with India’s largest MNC. Now, I am going to share my TCS Technical/ HR Interview Experience with you.

Confidence is only quality that is evaluated in interview. Whatever you answer be confident and do not try to defend answer which is wrong.Finally I managed to impress HR. I could not sleep the night my result came.

Expert Suggestions For Freshers!!!

So, I will suggest my juniors go on do it now and it is very easy to crack TCS Interview the only thing is practice a little.One month dedication will be more than enough to crack Interview easily. Check TCS Interview Process from this page.

Interview process can be two types that is campus interview or telephonic interview. Now you should get TCS Interview Experience with help of this page which is created by team member of Must have a look below for TCS Interview Questions!!!

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TCS Interview Experience

Hello Friends…. My Name is Amanpreet Kaur. I am from Haryana. I have completed B.Tech last year and last month I have appeared TCS Interview. TCS Interview Experience was one of the best experiences of my life. I want to share some questions that were asked to me in my Technical and HR interview. May be it will be beneficial for you to crack your interview.

NameAmanpreet Kaur

Place of Interview: TCS Guwahati, NEDFI House 5th Floor, Guwahati, Assam

Date of Interview: 27-April 2018.

Reporting time of Interview: 9 AM

We were waiting for our turn of interview. There were so many candidates who came from all over the India for interview.

We (2017 batch) required to sign a declaration that we will be a part of TCS before 31st April 2018.

After lunch at 2 PM, Interviews for 2017 batch has started. My turn has come at 4PM.

My interview went like this

I went within interview area.

Interviewer: simply wait few minutes outside.

MeOkay sir.

After 5 mins they called me inside. Three Interviewers were there.

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Interviewer: Tell briefly about yourself.

Me: I was already prepared a brief declaration in my mind about this. I told all valuable information about myself. I Discussed factors that I was done and tasks I have organized.

Interviewer: I’m providing you with 2 choices. Possibility 1) I will ask you one typical question, if you’ll answer it then are going to be chosen or rejected. or possibility 2) the conventional interview procedure.

Me: Sir, I’d choose possibility one.

InterviewerAre you sure about your option?

Me: yeah sir.

Interviewer: If you cannot answer, you’ll be rejected.

Me: I’ll answer sir.

Interviewer: Ok, Alright.

Interviewer (pointing his hand towards an unsymmetrical table): wherever is that the force functioning on this table.?

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Me: (After thinking a little bit): Sir it works on the middle of mass of the table.

Interviewer: But where?

Me: Sir within the center of mass (CM).

Interviewer: you wish to indicate ME.

Me: Sir this table is unsymmetrical, thus it is not straightforward to seek out the CM of this table unlike a symmetrical body.

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Interviewer: that’s why I told you before it might be typical question. TCS is a very big organization. Thus you can’t expect straightforward queries once I told you that I’d raise typical queries.

Me: Silent….But this question was very tough, not answerable usually by simply staring at table.

Interviewer: you could not answer the question. Thus currently, what will be done with you? Do you want us to follow normal interview procedure?

Me: Yes sir.

Interviewer: You have passed get in 2017, thus what are you doing now a days?

Me: Sir I actually have been clearing all my doubts of my engineering subjects and performing some on-line courses like data structures etc.

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Interviewer: You did not apply for any job or uploaded CV in somewhere?

Me: No. truly I Sat for Campus Interview of Capgemini in 2016, but couldn’t clear GD, thus henceforth haven’t Sat for any interview.

Interviewer: Okay. Have you ever done any computer courses?

Me: Sir I know about C, C++.

Interviewer: But have you ever done any courses.

Me: No.

Interviewer: (after perceptive my CV): what’s the distinction between CDMA and GSM? (This question was asked as my Project on communication system)

Me: GSM came 1st. it is a “time division” system. Calls alternate. Your voice is reworked into digital information. CDMA needed a little additional process power. It is a “code division” system. Each call’s information is encoded with a unique key, then the calls are transmitted quickly.

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Interviewer: What are types of modulation?

Me: Drawn AM, PM, FM signal and make them understand.

Interviewer: Why modulation is required?

Me: Modulation allows us to send a signal over a bandpass frequency range. Another reason to modulate a signal is to allow the use of a smaller antenna.

Interviewer: Do you have laptop?

Me: Yes.

Interviewer: which one?

Me: Samsung.

Interviewer: Thus tell me what happens after you begin your laptop?

Me: told that once clicking power button, POST (Power On Self Test) happens then BIOS initializes OS….

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Interviewer: thus wherever specifically we will get OS in Laptop?

Me: Told however inquirer tried to confuse me, Then..

Interviewer: are you doing any programming courses

Me: I truly prefer to do programming courses, thus I actually have tried to be told Java, HTML, Python. However I even have terribly basic knowledge of it.

Interviewer: So you know HTML. Tell me what is the difference between C and HTML?

Me: HTML is a markup language. It doesn’t contain any logical operators or conditionals. C, on the other hand, is a full-fledged programming language. It does math and can make decisions.

Interviewer: You know C++. So tell what is Inheritance?

Me: Object-oriented programming allows classes to inherit commonly used state and behavior from other classes. It is a Inheritance.

Interviewer: Alright. So you told that you did not clear GD of Capgemini. So what have you done to overcome that?

Me: Since then every day I watch Times Now at 9PM and read newspaper every day.

Interviewer : (Jokingly): Thats why you are talking like Arnab Goswami.

Me(with smile): No sir.

Interviewer: Okay. Since your selection rely a lot on this table (pointing towards the table of the first question) so I will give you 60 secs. Tell as many lines as you can about that Table.

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Me: Told just 4 lines about it.

Interviewer: You have just told 4 lines.

Me: Yes sir.

Interviewer: Rate your interview out of 10 scales?

Me6 or 7.

Interviewer: 6 or 7?

Me: 6.

Interviewer: Why?

Me: Because I could not answer many questions properly.

Interviewer: Ok.

Interviewer: Can you join before 31st April if you get the job?

Me: Yes sir, no problem.

Interviewer: Are you aware of 2years Bond?

Me: Yes sir.

Interviewer: Okay thank you. You can leave now.

Me: Thank you sir.

My interview was going on for around half an hour. That was really a nice experience for me. They just try to check confidence of candidates. They will try to confuse you for your every answer. But be confident and answer.  When interview result is declared I was selected for TCS

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Some Common Interview Tips

Here we are furnishing some interview preparation tips for the candidates who are going to appear in interview.

  • Being punctual shows your seriousness towards the meeting.
  • Try to reach the interview place 15 minutes in advance in order that you’ll rest and acquire yourself able to deal the questions.
  • Dressing nicely contributes to your self-worth – this contains, nice outfits, footwear and well done hair.
  • Enter the interview room with a smile on your face and be assured.
  • Your manner of talking should be skilled and better level of confidence reflects from your words and tones however don’t be conceited.

Job Interview situation could be a little complicated and a candidate might lose the confidence. So just trust yourself and be confident and try your best. We the team of wish you all the best for your interview.

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