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10 Tech Careers That Don’t Involve Coding – Careers Without Coding

10 Tech Careers That Don’t Involve Coding

Programming isn’t essential for all as it require a very specific kind of quantitative, logical thoughts. But don’t be disappointed if you don’t have knowledge of coding and want to do a job in tech field. There are 10 Tech Careers That Don’t Involve Coding. You may go for any career option according to your interest. We, the team are providing details about Careers without Coding in Tech Companies in this article.

10 Tech Careers That Don’t Involve Coding

1. Data Analysis:

Work of Data analysis is to compile and study data for businesses. They examine all problems in the data and suggest possible solutions for it. So many data analysis is using.

10 Tech Careers That Dont Involve Coding

2. Software Testing:

Software Testing involves putting programs through different tests. Through Software Testing a person can check the bugs and decide whether the software meets with requirements. Testers should be able to work with developers and explain what parts is working properly and what is not. They are not required to be knowledgeable in programming terminology.

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10 Tech Careers That Dont Involve Coding

3. Designer:

Graphic design is all about art, which doesn’t include coding. If you have good knowledge of arts and want to join tech, it will be best career for you. It is one of the areas in the list of Tech Careers That Doesn’t Involve Coding. With this career option, you could be successful in without knowledge of coding.

10 Tech Careers That Dont Involve Coding

4. User Experience (UX) / User Interface (UI) Specialist:

There are so many roles under this category. User Experience (UX) / User Interface (UI) Specialist manages, how users interact with a website, program, or app. Those who want to make career for these roles should have knowledge of design, psychology, human-computer interaction (HCI), and others.

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10 Tech Careers That Dont Involve Coding

5. Business Analyst:

We think software development process is very simple: but it’s not like that. When customers need something in a program they tell the developers what they need. According to the requirement of the customer, the developers create it. Some time customers doesn’t able to translate technical requirements smoothly. Business analyst is the bridge between customers and developers. Business analyst communicates with customers about their requirement and explains it to the developer.

10 Tech Careers That Dont Involve Coding

6. Project / Program Manager:

Some time Project and program managers often are having same responsibilities like business analysts. Project and program managers are required to have a higher-level knowledge of a company or project group. In the area of tech, managers should have knowledge of programmers and accompaniment their needs except of knowledge of coding.

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10 Tech Careers That Dont Involve Coding

7. System Administrator:

System Administrator, are generally identified as the prentice of an IT department. They are main part of the department as they are having responsibility the whole thing like unboxing and server settings, files backup in whole organization etc. it is one of the Careers Without Coding.

10 Tech Careers That Dont Involve Coding

8. Technical Writing:

If you are having good writing skills, it may be a great career option for you. For this you may have to prepare documents in the form of instructions for users, requirements for developers, press releases, technical reports etc. This filed also don’t need to have knowledge of coding.

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10 Tech Careers That Dont Involve Coding

9. Marketing / Sales:

To complete goals of the companies, they need to sell products. For this those candidates are appointed who are having skills to market and sell those products. It consists of one-on-one meetings, telephone calls and networking with clients.

10 Tech Careers That Dont Involve Coding

10. Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization is used to make higher rank of websites in search result pages. It changes time to time as what worked a few years ago certainly doesn’t hold true today. Those who are having knowledge of SEO, know how to stay on top of the latest trends.

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10 Tech Careers That Dont Involve Coding

Just because you don’t like coding it doesn’t mean you can’t join tech sector. There are so many career opportunities in tech sector that doesn’t require skills of coding. You may choose any of the field according to your skills and interest.

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