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Time Management In Exam – Ways To Control Your Time During Examination

Time Management In Exam

Final exams are just around the corner for most of us. Along with your syllabus you should also learn Time Management In Exam. Some time we know all questions but because of time problem we are not able to write all answers. Exams are basically a test to check your skills. If you will get good grades in exam, you may get admission in good school or colleges for higher studies. For this you should know the Ways to Control Your Time during Examination. You may read this article that is written by the team of to give you the information about how to manage time in Exam.

Time Management In Exam

1. Boost up Your Speed:

In exam the main thing is your speed. If you speed is not so good, speed up it. For this you may take help of practice papers before an exam. Also you have to write neat and clean with speed else examiner will not be pleased while checking your paper.  Also choose a perfect pen for exam. For this you have to plan before exam by writing on paper neatly and with speed.

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Time Management In Exam

3. Be Realistic:

You should be realistic and think about what kind of question you will face in exam. If you are having 30 minutes to write an essay, divide particular time to each portion such as don’t spend all time in introduction and main body. Otherwise you will not get time to write its conclusion. Don’t make this kind of mistake. Before starting, give particular time to each portion.

Time Management In Exam

4. Read Complete Question Paper before Starting:

We all do same mistake that we don’t read the question paper completely before starting. Some time we have to choose just 2 or 3 question to solve from a range of question. But we solve all questions as we haven’t read instruction before. Before starting exam read all question and marks those question, which you will solve. By this you will not need to read question paper again and again.

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Time Management In Exam

5. Divide Your Time:

This is one of the best ways To Control Your Time During Examination. Before exam you should divide time to each portion. For example there are three categories very short, short and long. Divide time in three parts. Give more time to long questions, less to short question and very less to very short question. Those Students, who have complete knowledge about how to give time to each section, can approach a paper in proper way.

Time Management In Exam

6. First Solve Your Favorite Question:

In starting solve your favorite questions which you know completely. By this you will get confidence to solve question. You all have heard, first impression is last impression. If you have written question in proper manner in starting, examiner will impress and he / she will give you good marks.

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Time Management In Examr

7. Make Structure Of Long Answers:

You should plan your long answer as it covers more marks in exam. Before staring make a structure of answer in which you will give your thoughts. Choose some heading first and then write about 3 to four lines in each heading. In this way you can express your thoughts properly to the examiner.

Time Management In Exam

8. And If Disaster Strikes:

If you go totally blank and find you have done something wrong don’t get panic. If you have attempted wrong questions, don’t think more and quickly write other question in bullet point as much as you can. Given correct information and don’t waste time in thinking about previous questions. If you can show them that you’ve realized the problem and trying to correct your error they will definitely give you marks.

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Time Management In Exam

9. Ask For New Scripts Before You Need Them:

As your time is going to be stop and you know there is so much stuff to write than ask for sheet before few minutes. So your time will not be wasted in waiting for other sheet. Don’t be nervous for asking sheet. Also mention your roll or other required detail in other sheet before starting, else it will not be accepted by the examiner.

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Time Management In Exam

Many students think that they are spending whole time in study but still they are not getting good grades in exam. You should follow these instructions for Time Management In Exam. By applying these instructions you can complete your question paper in effective way and also get good marks.

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