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TNEB Previous Year Question Paper | TANGEDCO Gangman Trainee Papers Pdf

TNEB Previous Year Question Paper

By going through the TNEB Previous Year Question Paper, candidates will have an idea about the important questions which may come in exam 2019. Well, here on this page We have provided TANGEDCO Gangman Trainee Previous Year Question Papers with Solutions in PDF Form.  You can download it from this page.

TNEB Previous Year Question Paper

TNEB TANGEDCO Gangman (Trainee) Question Papers PDF Download

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TNEB TANGEDCO Gangman Previous PapersDownload PDF
TNEB TANGEDCO Gangman Previous PapersDownload PDF
TNEB TANGEDCO Trainee Previous PapersDownload PDF
TNEB Gangman Previous PapersDownload PDF
TNEB Gangman Question PapersDownload PDF
TANGEDCO Gangman Question PapersDownload PDF
TNEB Trainee Previous PapersDownload PDF
TNEB TANGEDCO Gangman Model PaperDownload PDF
TNEB TANGEDCO Gangman Trainee Model PaperDownload PDF
TNEB TANGEDCO Gangman Practice PaperDownload PDF

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 TNEB Previous Year Question Paper With Answer

We the team of is providing you some of the questions & answers for TNEB TANGEDCO Recruitment Exam which will helpful for you, so applicants may scroll down this page and please have a look:

Ques: Strain energy is the

  1. energy stored in a body when strained within elastic limits
  2. energy stored in a body when strained upto the breaking of a specimen
  3. maximum strain energy which can be stored in a body
  4. proof resilience per unit volume of a material

Ans: Option 1

Ques: The neutral axis of the cross-section a beam is that axis at which the bending stress is

  1. zero
  2. minimum
  3. maximum
  4. infinity

Ans: Option 1

Ques: Euler’s formula holds good only for

  1. short columns
  2. long columns
  3. both short and long columns
  4. weak columns

Ans: Option 2

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Ques: A baffle plate is fitted inside the oil pan to prevent the oil from splashing when it is subjected to vibration and other movement during vehicle operation.

  1. True
  2. False

Answer: Option 1

Ques:  Which of the following symptom is caused as a result of brake disc run out ?

  1. Ineffectiveness of the brakes
  2. Judder during braking
  3. Localized wearing of the brake pads
  4. Rapid wearing of the brake pads

Ans: Option 2

Ques:  Quartzite is a

  1. metamorphic rock
  2. argillaceous rock
  3. calcareous rock
  4. silicious rock

Ans: Option 4

Ques: Which capacitor-store higher amount of energy?

  1. Air capacitor
  2. Paper capacitor
  3. Mica capacitor
  4. Plastic film capacitor

Ans: Option 3

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Ques: In paramagnetic materials

  1. permanent magnetic dipoles exist but the interaction between neighbouring dipoles is negligible
  2. permanent magnetic dipole do not exist
  3. permanent magnetic dipoles exist and the interaction between neighbouring dipoles is very strong
  4. permanent magnetic dipole moment may or may not exist

Ans: Option 1

Ques: An atom’s atomic number is determined by the number of:

  1. neutrons minus protons
  2. protons
  3. electrons
  4. neutrons

Ans: Option 2

Ques: A voltage will influence current only if the circuit is:

  1. open
  2. insulated
  3. high resistance
  4. closed

Ans: Option 4

Ques:  Under normal conditions a diode conducts current when it is

  1. reverse-biased
  2. forward-biased
  3. avalanched
  4. saturated

Ans: Option 2

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Ques: A diode conducts when it is forward-biased, and the anode is connected to the ________ through a limiting resistor.

  1. positive supply
  2. negative supply
  3. cathode
  4. anode

Ans: Option 1

Ques: As the forward current through a silicon diode increases, the internal resistance

  1. increases
  2. decreases
  3. remains the same

Ans: Option 2

Ques: Resistance is measured in

  1. henries
  2. ohms
  3. hertz
  4. watts

Ans: Option 2

Ques: Which of the following is not an electrical quantity?

  1. voltage
  2. current
  3. distance
  4. power

Ans: Option 3

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Ques: Seven thousand volts can be expressed as

  1. 7 kV
  2. 7 MV
  3. 7 mV
  4. either 7 kV or 7 mV

Ans: Option 1

Ques:  The friction experienced by a body, when in motion, is known as

  1. rolling friction
  2. dynamic friction
  3. limiting friction
  4. static friction

Ans: Option 2

Ques: The term ‘force’ may be defined as an agent which produces or tends to produce, destroys or tends to destroy motion.

  1. Agree
  2. Disagree

Ans: Option 1

Ques: The interval in which the Lagrange’s theorem is applicable for the function f(x) = 1/x is

  1. [-3, 3]
  2. [-2, 2]
  3. [2, 3]
  4. [-1, 1]

Ans: Option 3

Ques: The function f(x) = x3 – 6×2 + 9x + 25 has

  1. a maxima at x= 1 and a minima at x = 3
  2. a maxima at x = 3 and a minima at x = 1
  3. no maxima, but a minima at x = 1
  4. a maxima at x = 1, but no minima

Ans: Option 1

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Ques:  A smooth cylinder lying on its convex surface remains in __________ equilibrium.

  1. stable
  2. unstable
  3. neutral

Ans: Option 2

Ques: The mechanical advantage of a lifting machine is the ratio of

  1. distance moved by effort to the distance moved by load
  2. load lifted to the effort applied
  3. output to the input
  4. all of the above

Ans: Option 2

Ques: Static friction is always __________ dynamic friction.

  1. equal to
  2. less than
  3. greater than

Ans: Option 3

Ques:  A body will begin to move down an inclined plane if the angle of inclination of the plane is __________ the angle of friction.

  1. equal to
  2. less than
  3. greater than

Ans: Option 3

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Ques: The bodies which rebound after impact are called

  1. inelastic bodies
  2. elastic bodies
  3. neither elastic nor inelastic bodies
  4. none of these

Ans: Option 2

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Why TNEB TANGEDCO Gangman Exam is organized?

The aim of organizing Gangman Trainee Exam is to hire applicants for Gangman Vacancies. Contenders, who wish to grab TNEB TANGEDCO Gangman Recruitment, must appear in competitive Written Examination which is conducted by Tamil Nadu Generation And Distribution Corporation.

Final Note:

Above provided questions and answers on the basis of TANGEDCO Gangman Trainee Exam Pattern. Those, who’ve applied for TNEB TANGEDCO Recruitment, can start their preparation according to TNEB Gangman Previous Year Question Paper.

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