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Bank of India Clerk Interview Questions and Answers | BOI Interview Question

Bank of India Clerk Interview Questions

Bank of India is also called as BOI; a commercial or premier public sector bank in India which was recognized in 1906. If you are preparing for BOB Clerk Interview and searching for Bank of India Clerk Interview Questions with Answers then get from here. Below given BOI Interview Question may be helpful for candidates who prepares for Pos, clerks and other officer cadre jobs.

Bank of India Clerk Interview Questions

Bank of India Interview Questions and Answers:

Q-1.  Why should we hire you?

Answer.  The Interviewer wants to know your appropriateness for the job so you should tell about your Strong points and achievements so far. Do not speak anything which is not correct about you. Don’t use phrases like “This is the excellent Company” or “I like to work in this field?” Instead, tell good things about you which are associated to that job and this will certainly verify your effectiveness.

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Q-2. Where do you see yourself after five years from now?

Answer. The interviewer checks your knowledge about career course in the job including what is your passion of dedication to the job they are offering you. Your answer should be realistic.  Instance of a horrible reply is “I will be at your place after five years”. Rather you should tell answer in a manner that assures your willingness in making a long-term pledge towards the work and equally valuable connection with them.

Q-3. Why did you choose to work in a bank?

Answer. This is a very ordinary question and is asked to about 90% of contenders. Here, the interviewer evaluates your level of motivation of working in an organization. Never directly say that “I have not got a job in a Private organization” or “There is much of stress in Private jobs and government jobs are secure and safe.” Relatively you should answer practically to demonstrate your real aspiration of working in a bank.

Q-4. What is the distinction between Cheque and Demand Draft?

Answer.  A cheque is mainly issued by an entity while a draft is issued by the banking organization. In a demand draft you need to pay before issuing whereas a cheque needs a withdrawal from the account.

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Q-5. What is the difference between Private bank and Nationalized bank?

Answer. Nationalized banks are also termed as public sector banks where the responsibility to deposit money in the bank is of the government whereas in a private bank a person who owns the bank deposits the money in it.

Q-6. What do you know about Sensex and NIFTY?

Answer. Sensex and Nifty both function like “index”. Index is a term that acts as an indicator which provides a general idea about the rise and fall of stock level. Nifty is an indicator of NSE (National Stock Exchange) whereas Sensex is an indicator of BSE (Bombay Stock exchange).

Q-7. What do you understand by Repo rate and Reverse Repo Rate?

Ans. The rate at which RBI gives money to the banks as loan is called Repo rate whereas the rate at which RBI borrows money from a commercial bank is called Reverse Repo Rate.

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Q-8. Define the term Fiscal deficit?

Answer. When the total expenses of the government is more than the income it generates then it is called Fiscal deficit. It is different from debt because debt is a set of yearly deficits.

Q-9. Define SLR rate?

Answer. SLR Rate is the smallest amount or percentage of deposits which the bank has to place with the RBI in the shape of money, gold or permitted security.

Q-10. Define the term Bank Rate?

Answer. The interest rate at which Reserve Bank of India permits finance to commercial banks is called Bank Rate.

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Q-11: What would you consider important for a bank clerk, being the first point of contact with customers?

Answer: Bank clerks should be highly aware of their position as the first point of contact for most customers. Clerks are the face of the company; they are presentable and professional in demeanor. They answer all queries clearly and politely.

Q-12: Give examples of bank clerking duties.

Answer: Among the most common transactions are receiving deposits, cashing checks, and handling withdrawals. To perform such operations, clerks need to perform client identification and ensure validity of signature on documents and checks.

Q-13: Where was the Head Quarters of Bank of India located?

Answer: Bandra (East),Mumbai.

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Q-14: Who is the Chairman of Bank of India?

Answer: Shri. Alok Kumar Misra

Q-15: When did the bank came into existence?

Answer: 7th September, 1906

Q-16: What are the functions of Reserve Bank of India?

Answer: Mainly the functions of RBI are classified as follows:

  • Bank of Issue
  • Banker to Government
  • Bankers’ Bank and Lender of the Last Resort
  • Controller of Credit
  • Custodian of Foreign Reserves
  • Supervisory functions
  • Promotional functions

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Q-17: When was nationalized Bank of India?

Answer: July 1969

Q-18: Bank of India Line?

Answer: “Banking services with an attitude of care and concern for the customers and patrons”

Q-19: could you tell about Network of Bank of India?

Answer: The Bank has 3101 branches in India spread over all states/ union territories including 141 specialised branches. These branches are controlled through 48 Zonal Offices . There are 29 branches/ offices (including three representative offices) abroad.

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Q-20: Why do you choose clerk job as your career?

Answer: You just say, “Job Security and Job in Bank of India is a privilege and it is a service to nation”

Bank of India Clerk Interview Question:

Dear aspirants, if you want to crack Interview for Bank of India, then you should know the type of questions that are asked in interview process of bank. To help you in this situation, we are providing Bank of India Clerk Interview Questions and Answers for Preparation.

BOI headquarters is located at Bandra Kurla complex, Mumbai. Bank provides various opportunities to unemployed. The CEO of Bank of India is Dinabandhu Mohapatra (5 May 2017) and the capital ratio is 12.01% (2016).

Here on this page we have given Bank of India clerk interview questions and Answers to the aspirants who are preparing for BOB Clerk Interview for giving idea on interview questions. Aspirants must go through all these BOI Interview Questions and Answers below to assure their selection in the bank.


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