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Microsoft Windows Questions and Answers – Objective Question Practice Sets

Computer Windows Questions

Objective type Microsoft Windows Questions and Answers for gaining computer knowledge as well as preparation of various competitive examination is given here. Computer Windows Questions are generally asked in computer awareness section, so go through the given Practice Sets and learn the important information related to MS Windows.

Selected Microsoft Windows MCQ are mentioned in the below section, so candidates preparing for the upcoming examination that includes computer awareness as a section must practice from these objective type Computer Windows Questions to score good marks.

Microsoft Windows Questions

Microsoft Windows Practice Test

Answers for these questions are available at the end.

Question 1) Which function key needs to be press during reboot to enter in Safe Mode of a Windows machine?

(A) F8

(B) F2

(C) F1

(D) F9

Question 2) Which one is a ‘text editor’ for Microsoft Windows?

(A) MS Word

(B) Ms Excel

(C) WordPad

(D) Notepad

Question 3) Which one is the latest release of Windows Client Operating System?

(A) Windows XP
(B) Windows 7

(C) Windows 8

(D) Windows 10

Question 4) Which one is the default ‘Word Processor’ for Microsoft Windows?

(A) MS Word

(B) Ms Paint

(C) WordPad

(D) Notepad

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Question 5) Total number of function keys in a computer keyboard?

(A) 10

(B) 12

(C) 14

(D) 16

Question 6) What is the maximum size of a word document created?

(A) 1 MB

(B) 32 MB

(C) 16MB

(D) 999KB

Question 7) Which key combination is used to close a open application in Windows machine?

(A) Alt+F8


(C) Alt+F4

(D) Shift+P

Question 8) What is the maximum number of Primary Partitions that can be created on a Hard-disk?

(A) 1

(B) 2

(C) 3

(D) 4

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Question 9) How many users can access a share folder simultaneously from a Windows XP machine?

(A) 8

(B) 9

(C) 10

(D) Unlimited

Question 10) Which key combination is used to minimize all open windows and displays in the screen?

(A) Alt+M

(B) Shift+M

(C) Windows Key+D


Question 11) Which one is used for making presentation file from Microsoft Office package

(A) MS Outlook

(B) MS Excel

(C) MS Word

(D) MS Powerpoint

Question 12) Which key combination is used to permantly delete a file or folder?

(A) Shift+delete

(B) Alt+delete

(C) CTRL+delete

(D) Delete

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Question 13) Which company bought the popular video teleconferencing software ‘Skype’?

(A) Google

(B) Accenture

(C) Oracle

(D) Microsoft

Question 14) Which is an Input device?

(A) Monitor

(B) Printer

(C) Mouse

(D) None of the above

Question 15) Which web browser is provided default with a Windows machine?

(A) Opera

(B) IE

(C) Chrome

(D) Mosaic

Question 16) Which one is an example of connectionless protocols?



(C) Frame Relay


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Question 17) Network Interface Card (NIC) is generally used for?

(A) Connectivity

(B) Programming

(C) Printing

(D) Deleting

Question 18) A common boundary between two computer systems is known as

(A) Intradiction

(B) Surface

(C) Interface

(D) None of the above

Question 19) Which one is used for making presentation file from Microsoft Office package?

(A) MS Outlook

(B) MS Excel

(C) MS Word

(D) MS Powerpoint

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Question 20) Which one of the following is not a computer language?



(C) C++



Ans1) (A)Ans11) (D)
Ans2) (D)Ans12) (A)
Ans3) (D)Ans13) (D)
Ans4) (C)Ans14) (C)
Ans5) (B)Ans15) (B)
Ans6) (B)Ans16) (D)
Ans7) (A)Ans17) (A)
Ans8) (D)Ans18) (C)
Ans9) (C)Ans19) (D)
Ans10) (C)Ans20) (B)

The practice set given above on this page of is of Computer Windows Questions, so candidates must go through this at the time of preparation of the examination. Individuals can also bookmark our web portal to get latest updates regarding the study material of various competitive, entrance and placement exams.

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