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GMAT Score Calculator 2019 GMAT Scores Percentile Chart Report Validity

GMAT Score Calculator

We have seen that most test scores can be calculated on the basis of number of correct responses. But in Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), participants are confused to calculate their GMAT Scores due to its Quant and Verbal scales of 0-60 and total score range of 200-800.  Know how scores are calculated using GMAT Score Calculator. We have provided updated data from the GMAT® Percentile Ranking report on this page.

Using GMAT Score Chart, you can interpret your scores. GMAT Score validity is of 5 years. Many Top Business Schools, use this scores for providing admission to candidates in graduate management programs.

GMAT Score Calculator

GMAT Score Reports

  • After completion of GMAT Exam, immediately four scores will be shown on your system:
  • Quantitative, Verbal, Integrated Reasoning and Total Scores (score based on the Quantitative and Verbal sections
  • These are the unofficial scores and after 2 minutes, they will automatically be cancelled from your system, if you didn’t accept them.
  • If you are not satisfied with your scores, then next attempt will be taken within 16 days period gap.

How GMAT Score is calculated?

Analytical Writing Assessment

  • Score: 0-6
  • 1 Question
  • Analysis of an Argument

In this section, each essay is scored two times, once by a human reader and other time by a computer. Scores are reported in intervals of 0.5.

Integrated Reasoning

  • Score: 1-8
  • 12 Questions
  • Multi-Source Reasoning
  • Table Analysis
  • Graphics Interpretation
  • Two-Part Analysis

In this, the scoring is done on the basis of answers, you gave it correctly. If you receive multiple parts question, then make sure to answer all the parts in order to receive credit for that question. Scores are reported in intervals of 1.

Quantitative Reasoning

  • Score: 6-51
  • 31 Questions
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Problem Solving

Verbal Reasoning

  • Score: 6-51
  • 36 Questions
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Critical Reasoning
  • Sentence Correction

In this part, the scores are calculated on the number of questions you answered, whether that questions are correct or not, question that are correct are of higher difficulty level or not. Scores are reported in intervals of 1 and standard calculation is of 3 points.

Total Scores

Total scores will be given on the basis of your calculated performance before giving scores for Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning sections.  After that, the raw calculation will be taken into Total Score range.  Scores are reported in intervals of 10 and standard error calculation is of 30-40 points.

Read Complete Details: How GMAT Score is Calculated ?

How To Receive GMAT Scores?

GMAT Scores can be received online or on paper:

Receive GMAT Scores Online

There is a score reporting system from where you can access scores on daily, weekly, or monthly basis. In this scoring system, you can search scores for an individual candidates also.

From Here: Access GMAT™ Scores

Receive GMAT Scores On Paper

Through postal mail, GMAT exam reports will also be received. Online reports will be immediately received by the candidates but paper reports will be received later date due to transit time.

Know How To Send Your GMAT Score to Schools?

After completing the test, unofficial scores will be published immediately on your system.

Official GMAT Score Report will be available within 20 days of the exam.

Your official score report will be sent to five schools that a candidate will select before starting GMAT examination. GMAC will sent the report through electronic means or by mail, depends on the program.

Process To Send Scores To Additional Schools

To send your score report to more than 5 schools, follow these given steps:

  1. To use Additional Score Reporting service, login your account @
  2. Make a call to GMAT Customer Service. (Additional service fee of US$10 will be taken)

Additional score reports will be send to other schools within seven days.

Get Here Complete: GMAT Score Report Guide

Percentile Ranking

GMAT percentile ranking shows the percentage of candidates scoring at or below a certain score. The scores would be more competitive, if the percentile ranking is higher.  Percentile value varies year wise, as rankings are recalculated using exam data from the prior three years in every summer.

The Actual GMAT Score Calculator Charts!

Most of the students are wondering due to changing of their quant and verbal scores into score on a scale of 800. Candidates are informed that these are scaled scores, not raw scores. So, aspirants must have a look once in below provided table.

Raw ScoreScaled ScorePercentile

Integrated Reasoning:

IR Score Calculator (On Scale of 0-8)

Analytical Writing Score:


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GMAT Cut Off Score of Top Hundred U.S. Universities

Business SchoolsGMAT ScoreGPA
Harvard University7304
Stanford University7304
Yale University7303.5
University of Pennsylvania7203.6
Northwestern University7203.6
Dartmouth College7203.5
University of Chicago7203.6
Columbia University7123.5
California University(Berkeley)7103.6
New York University7103.4
University of Michigan7103.4
University of Michigan, Dearborn7032.5
Duke University7003.5
University of Virginia7003.4
University of California  (Davis)7003.3
University of Notre Dame7003.4
Carnegie Mellon University7003.2
Cornell University7003.3
Virginia Tech7003.4
Washington University (St. Louis)7003.5
University of Minnesota6943.5
University of Southern California6903.4
University of Texas at Austin6903.5
Boston University6903.4
Georgetown University6853.4
George Washington University6853.4
Brigham Young University6803.6
Emory University6803.3
University of California (Irvine)6803.6
University of Washington6803.4
Ohio State University6803.4
Arizona State University6803.3
University of Wisconsin6803
Georgia Institute of Technology6803.3
Rice University6803.4
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University6803
University of Rochester6773.5
Tulane University6743.2
University of Maryland6703.3
Vanderbilt University6703.4
University of Iowa6662.5
Boston College6623.3
Purdue University6603.5
Indiana University6603.3
University of Florida6603.5
University of Central Florida6603.5
University of Illinois6503.4
Penn State University6503.5
University of Missouri6503.5
Iowa State University6503.4
Wake Forest University6503.2
Pepperdine University6503.2
Texas A&M University6463.4
Michigan State University6453.3
Southern Methodist University6433.2
University of Georgia6403.4
University of Alabama6403.4
University of Miami6383.3
Rutgers University Newark
& New Brunswick
University of South Carolina6303.2
Babson College6243.2
University of Connecticut6203.5
Temple University6203.5
University of Hawaii6182.8
University of Arizona6103.4
University of Pittsburgh6103.3
University of Vermont6063
San Diego State University6063
Louisiana State University6003.4
Case Western Reserve University6003.3
Creighton University6003
Duquesne University5903
University of Massachusetts, Boston5873.4
University of the Pacific5823.2
Loyola University Maryland5813.5
University of South Florida, St. Petersburg5703
University of Nevada, Reno5653
Oregon State University5603
Clarkson University5603
Florida Atlantic University5503
University of Salisbury5503
Worcester Polytechnic Institute5473
Oklahoma State University5403
Pace University5393
Howard University5393
University of Portland5373
East Tennessee State University5353
St. Mary’s University5253
University of Toledo5253
Mississippi State University5103
University of Scranton5103
Georgia Southern University5103
Suffolk University5083
Bellarmine University5013
Cleveland State University5003
Mercer University4943.3
Georgia College & State University4413.3

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. If I had taken the GMAT Exam, more than 1 time, then my score report will contain all the scores ?

Ans. Official Score Report will contain scores of all the exams that a candidate has scored in the past 5 years. But the score report that will be sent to school will include only accepted scores.

Ques. What is GMAT Scores validity?

Ans. GMAT scores are valid for five years but can be used for reporting up to 10 years.

Read More: FAQ’s Regarding GMAT Scores

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