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How to Prepare for Intermediate Board Exams 2021? Class 12th Board Exam Tips

How to Prepare for Intermediate Board Exams

Want to know best strategies to prepare for 12th Board Exams? Most of students want to know How to Prepare for Intermediate Board Exams 2021? So, here we have prescribed Class 12th Board Exam Tips And you can raise your grades only if you know How to Prepare for Intermediate Board Exams.

Generally, Intermediate Board Exams took place in the month of Feb- March. And to make your preparation level stronger, check out the Class 12th Board Exam Tips. The mentioned tips for class 12th help you a lot in your preparation and you will cover each and every topic in less time.

How to Prepare for Intermediate Board Exams

Tips To Prepare For Intermediate Board Exams

In future at the time of any interview or job Intermediate Board Exams marks will be consider so you have to prepare best for these examination, which will be beneficial for your future. Here you can get tips to prepare for Intermediate Board Exams both for 1st Year, 2nd Year. You should keep these things in mind before starting preparation for exam.

Here you can get tips to prepare each section such as for science, mathematics, commerce and Humanities. Prepare each section as said below.

How To Prepare For 12th Board Exams Science

Physics, Chemistry, Biology are the main subjects which want more concentration in the science section. For each subject you can get some Class 12 Science preparation tips

How To Prepare For Physics:

Some Class 12 Physics preparation tips are stated here, have a look…

  • If you want to have command on this subject then you have to go in the depth of the fundamental and never try to cram anything.
  • Mostly you have to face numerical and theorems that are based on the main concept so try to write them as more as possible and hence you will not forget any step at the time of exam.
  • Modern Physics, Optics, light, Oscillation & Waves and Heat & Thermodynamics etc. are the some easy topics try to prepare them first.

How To Prepare For Chemistry:

Some Class 12 Chemistry preparation tips are structured below, have a look…

  • This is very easy and the marks scoring subject. You can easily prepare for this in some time as it based on the some basic concept.
  • It is divided in to two parts one is Organic Chemistry and other is Inorganic Chemistry.
  • Never get confused in the reaction and always try to write them after learning.
  • When your preparation is completed then writes some main points on one paper and keeps it with you and revises again and again as you get time.

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How To Prepare For Biology:

Class 12Biology preparation tips for better marks are here below:

  • This subject contains both lots of diagram and theory also. So you have to keep some more concentration on this subject.
  • Write spellings of each word as you know the spelling of the words is difficult in the Biology and repeat them aft6er two and three days again and again.
  • When you feel your syllabus is completed then try to solve multiple type question and Previous Year Question Paper.

Recommended textbooks

Moderns ABC of Chemistry, Class XII Modern Publishers
Advanced Problems in School PhysicsCengage Learning India
Trueman’s Elementary Biology K.N. Bhatia and M.P. Tyagi

How To Prepare For Mathematics:

This subject is both for the science and commerce section so all the students should follow the Class 12 Maths preparation tips.

  • Many students feels that Mathematics is the difficult subject but it’s not so. It is one of the easiest subject but only when you have the entire concept on your finger tips.
  • If you want to make this section strong then you have to practice more for this and have to go in the depth of the concepts.
  • Try to solve the questions from the different methods either with the help of your friend and teachers.
  • Always read the solution after completion of this and avoid silly mistake as mistake in sum, division, subtraction etc and don’t use calculator while solving question.

Recommended books

Mathematics XII R.D. Sharma
Books by Arihant Publications in Mathematics that include Integral Calculus, Differential Calculus and AlgebraArihant
Hall & Knight’s book on Higher AlgebraHall & Knight’s
Modern GeometryDurrel, M.A.

How To Prepare For 12th Board Exams Commerce

In this section you have to prepare Accountancy, Economics, mathematics and other common subject as in other form which we have discussed mathematics in the above section so the tips of rest subject is given below.

How To Prepare For Accountancy: (Class 12 Accounts preparation tips)

  • An account is mainly based on your concepts and calculation skills. So for this you have to improve your calculation and try to do calculation early.
  • It is also important that your concepts are clear or not. So firstly clear your doubts with the help of your teachers.
  • As you know in the question of accounts there is step marking so always try to solve the question so you can get some marks.
  • There are tables in the accounts so draw these tables neatly.

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How To Prepare For Economics:(Class 12 Economics preparation tips)

  • There are also so much calculations and diagram in this subject so practice it as more as you can.
  • Always keep the keys of concepts in your mind at the time of doing questions.
  • To prepare theoretical part learn definition and revise them time to time otherwise at the time of examination everything will mix-up.

Recommended text books:

Introductory Micro Economics NCERT book
Macro Economics NCERT Book
Accountancy for Class XII Banerjee
Accountancy for Class XIIRD Sharma

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How To Prepare For 12th Board Exams Humanities

How To Prepare For History ?

Class 12 History preparation tips are structured below, have a look…

  • This subject contains facts as mentioned in the history so if you want to prepare this subject then you have to learn the topics and remember each event.
  • Before learning the new chapters always take the overview of the previous chapter so you will never forget any topic.
  • Discuss the event of the history with your friends by this you can keep these things in mind always.

How To Prepare For Political Science ?

  • In this section you should know the politics of the whole world so focus on  the current events.
  • Always keep yourself updated with the latest news for this you can give information from your news and also from the news.
  • Learn current affairs and memorize it again and again.

How To Prepare For Sociology ?

  • For this you must have the knowledge of the social concepts, which can be obtained from the books of your course.
  • Learn the definitions, which seems important to you.
  • Take help from your companions.
  • Be updated with the world.

Recommended Textbooks

Together with History Class XII Dolly Haryal
Political Science (Class XII)Namrata Singh

Some Other Important Tips While Preparing And Appearing In Intermediate Exam:

  • You must know each and every detail about Class 12 Syllabus of course
  • Try to attend every class
  • Even though you are attending the classes regularly, revise all the topics you have studied regularly
  • Usually exercises are given after every topic, try to solve each exercise, if any problem arise discuss it will teaches or minded people.
  • Try to maintain a diary or short book having all the important formulas and equations related to examination. If you do so then you will not need to search all the books thoroughly for a single formula.
  • If you find any topic important then highlight it with highlighter
  • Try to give each subject equal time and must understand the value/importance of each subject
  • Early morning time is the Best Time For Studying For Examination. if you can then get up early morning and study. In case you can then you can also opt the night time to study but that does not mean you can waste the whole day.
  • Try to solve more and more Class 12 sample papers and Class 12 previous year question papers
  • You definitely know that what are your strengths and what are the weaknesses
  • Work on your weak points and try to build up a strong base
  • After completing each topic, revise it. you may think that revision is a waste of time but no, it will help you in summarizing facts and figures for a long time
  • Make a weekly revision plan once you have completed the entire syllabus.
  • Do not study empty stomach, eat well and most of all during water as maximum as you can it will help you in being hydrated and will not let you face dehydration due to stress
  • Do not study the whole day, give some time to other activities also. It will help you in being refreshed all the day
  • Avoid being Nervous. Nervousness can make you forget the facts and figures you learnt or studied.
  • While appearing in examination stay calm and positive, try to attempt the whole examination
  • Reach the Class 12 exam hall on time and do not waste a single minute
  • Before starting the examination, check out the whole examination clearly
  • While answering the question read it carefully and try to give the best possible answer.
  • Try to attempt each and every question but do not get stuck on a single question. If you find it difficult to answer any question then leave it and attempt another.
  • After completing the examination recheck your answers and then submit it

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The mentioned preparation tips for intermediated board exams will be surely helpful for you. If you follow the class 12th exam preparation tips and tricks then you can score best in upcoming exams. Start your intermediate board exams preparation with positive mind always.

Final Note:

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