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Idioms and Phrases Questions and Answers | English Aptitude MCQ Ques

Idioms and Phrases Questions

The given Idioms and Phrases Questions of verbal ability section are prepared up by collecting data of various competitive examinations. So, applicants can do preparation from these given Idioms and Phrases MCQs. Idioms and Phrases Questions and Answers are included in the English Aptitude section, so candidates while preparing for this section must go through these questions and do practice of it.

In the given MCQs, applicants have to select the best option that expresses the meaning of Idioms/Phrases. You can also match out your selected choice from the answers that are given at the end. The sense of an idiom is literally different from its meaning, so candidates need to do regular practice of Idioms and Phrases Questions.

Idioms and Phrases Questions

Answers for these questions are available at the end.

Directions to Solve: Some proverbs/idioms are given below together with their meanings. Choose the correct meaning of proverb/idiom.

Question 1) Mrs Rashmi has been in the blues for the last several weeks.

  1. unwell
  2. abroad
  3. lonely
  4. depressed

Question 2) None of this hanky panky, please talk straight.

  1. jugglery
  2. indifference
  3. diversification
  4. obsession

Question 3) She exhibited remarkable sang froid during the crisis.

  1. composure
  2. temper
  3. anger
  4. irritation

Question 4) Believe me , I am all at sea.

  1. puzzled
  2. drowning
  3. very happy
  4. out of reach

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Question 5) The leader must have the lion’s share of the booty.

  1. the worthy part
  2. the smaller part
  3. the larger part
  4. the stronger part

Question 6) I am just a small fry in the office.

  1. humorous
  2. person or thing of little importance
  3. peon
  4. a small creature

Question 7) Flesh and blood can bear it no longer.

  1. in life
  2. at the top speed
  3. warning
  4. human nature

Question 8) In deep water

  1. to feel lonely
  2. to swim in a river
  3. to act like a coward
  4. in real trouble

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Question 9) To fly off the handle.

  1. to act foolishly
  2. to be indifferent
  3. to break something
  4. to get into a rage and lose self-control

Question 10) The prices are going up by leaps and bounds.

  1. gradually
  2. rapidly
  3. irregularly
  4. systematically

Question 11) The project of building ended in smoke.

  1. to fall
  2. to catch fire
  3. to give no practical result
  4. ended in the destruction of building

Question 12) The study of insects was a fascinating pursuit for him.

  1. zoology
  2. entomology
  3. etymology
  4. anthropology

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Question 13) The company has been handed over to new masters, lock, stock and barrel.

  1. partially
  2. completely
  3. financially
  4. administratively

Question 14) His dealings are all above board.

  1. simple
  2. friendly
  3. decent
  4. open

Question 15) In this competition there is complete fair play.

  1. no cheating
  2. good chances
  3. honest means
  4. good name

Question 16) When I saw him in the morning, he looked like a duck in a thunderstorm.

  1. peaceful
  2. distressed
  3. entrapped
  4. timid

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Question 17) To be fair and square pays in the long run.

  1. worthy
  2. successful
  3. honest
  4. honest means

Question 18) To play foul

  1. to oppose others
  2. to do something wrong
  3. to tackle carelessly
  4. to play rough football

Question 19) To chew the end

  1. to be annoyed
  2. to cut the end
  3. start something new
  4. to think deeply

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Question 20) To scale up

  1. to divide
  2. to discuss
  3. to deliver
  4. to measure


Ans1) 4Ans11) 1
Ans2) 1Ans12) 2
Ans3) 1Ans13) 2
Ans4) 1Ans14) 4
Ans5) 3Ans15) 1
Ans6) 2Ans16) 2
Ans7) 4Ans17) 3
Ans8) 4Ans18) 2
Ans9) 4Ans19) 4
Ans10) 2Ans20) 4

Idioms and Phrases Questions and Answers are prepared for the candidates that are doing preparation of competitive/entrance examinations that include English as a section in it. So, go through this page of and enhance your knowledge.

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