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Indian Folk Music | GK Questions, Top 10 Folk Musical Diversity

Indian Folk Music

Folk music India is a country with vast cultural diversity. Every region in India has its own form of folk music. Indian Folk Music is different from classical music. Classical music is necessary to devote our whole life whereas folk music is like our daily ritual.

People start getting to know them from their childhood and grow up by listening and singing these songs. Folk music in India varies by state, caste and race. Different folk songs have evolved in different regions of India. Folk music is very ancient in India. Through this article, You can check Top 10 Folk Musical Diversity and GK Questions.

Indian folk music is very much in itself. See different differences in folk music, songs and songs in different regions of India’s territory. Due to cinema and modern music, the importance of the folk music industry has also reduced and the number of artists has also fallen. Along with Ehi, some people in the new medium have also tried to make a difference in the folk music due to their strong attachment to the culture of their area, and they have also seen a lot of changes in folk music.

Traditions of Indian folk music have always been based on folk songs and folk dance. Saint Kavi has contributed a lot in the creation and preservation of this song. In later times, the folk songs of the melody and traditional folk music, along with the new composition, all of them also went from the feet of the folklore. It is also different from folk songs and music. Indian Folk Music.

Indian Folk Music

List of Indian Folk Music With States

StateFolk Music FormsInstruments Used
Jammu & KashmirHafiz NagmaTabla, Santoor, Sitar, Wasool, and Kashmiri Saz
SurmaVarious instruments like Flute, Pump Organ, Tabla and other percussion instruments
LadishahDhukar – a crude instrument, comprising of a metal rod with iron rings
ChakriHarmonium, Sarangi, Rubab
Himachal PradeshJhooriNo instruments used
Ainchaliyan No instruments
Uttar PradeshRasiyaKettle Drums, Dholak, Harmonium, and Cymbals
BirhaHarmonium, Dholak, Cymbals
KajariSitar, Sarod, Veena, Bansuri, Santoor, and percussion instruments
QawwaliBulbul Tarang, Harmonium, Sarangi, Tabla
PunjabTappaTabla, Dholak, and wind instruments
BhangraDhol, Tumbi, Dholak, Sarangi, Flute, Harmonium, Tabla
JugniWind instruments, dholak, cymbals
UttarakhandJhodaVarious types of percussion instruments
 ThadyaDhol, Thali, Tabla and Harmonium
 Arunachal PradeshJa-Jin-JaSarangi, Bansuri, Dholak and other percussion instruments
BaryiSarangi, Bansuri, and various percussion instruments
NyiogaDrums, cymbals
RajasthanMaandSarangi and percussion instruments
Pabuji Ki PhachRavanahatha and percussion instruments
PanihariString and percussion instruments
BiharSoharDholak, Bansuri
SumangaliTabla, Harmonium
SikkimGha To KitoCymbals and various kinds of drums
Lu KhangthamoPercussion instruments and cymbals
ManipurKhubakesheiNo instruments
JharkhandDomkachSarangi and percussion instruments
JhumarDhol, Madaal, Cymbals, Flute, Tulia, Harmonium
GujaratBhajanString instruments
GarbaDhol, Harmonium, Drums
DandiyaDhol, Dholak, Tabla
 GoaBanvarhDhol, Shehnai
DeknniGhumat, Cymbal, Samael
FughriPercussion instruments
 Mandoguitars, violins and ghumot
Andhra Pradesh & TelanganaMadiga DappuDappu, a type of percussion instrument
Oggu KathaJaggu, Thalam, Dolu
Suvvi paataluPercussion instruments
KarnatakaJaanapada GeetheWind instruments and percussions

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Top 10 Folk Musical Diversity

  1. Garba

Garba is folk songs of Gujarat and folk songs. From the womb of birth, tell Batal, where an Ago woman should put the lamp inside Gheli and bring the rest of the friends as helpers.

  1. Dandiya

Dandiya is also Loknach Haway of Gujarat. In the hands of Marad-Mehroro Dunno Mill, take the small wooden sticks with the dance table.

  1. Pahadi

Folk songs and music of Kumaon and Garhwal Duns of Uttarakhand.

  1. Pandwani

Folk music of Rajasthan.

  1. Baul

There is a +kind of Sufi song near tradition in the 18th, 19th and 20th century by saint people in Bengal. Silence, Ekatara and Dutara as the Baja assistant, Lihal Jalen Jale Bhakti Aa Mystery, join your search for the inner man.

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  1. Bihugeet

The famous songs of Assam are dancing.

  1. Bhatiali

The songs and music of the Mallah and Machhera people of Bengal have.

  1. Bhangra or giddha

Folk songs of Punjab and dance.

  1. Bhavgeet

Parallel to the classical tradition of Carnatic music, there is a lot of ghazal singing near Hola (spontaneous) music.

  1. Lavani

Song and music of Maharashtra.

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GK Question on Indian Folk Music

Ques1: Shubha Mudgal is famous vocalist for which form of Classical Music?

  1. Carnatic
  2. Hindustani
  3. Thumri
  4. Dhrupad

Answer: Hindustani

Ques2: Bheemsen Joshi is famous vocalist for which form of Classical Music?

  1. Hindustani
  2. Thumri
  3. Carnatic
  4. Quwwali

Answer: Hindustani

Ques3: Pandit Jasraj is famous vocalist for which form of Classical Music?

  1. Dhrupad
  2. Quwwali
  3. Hindustani
  4. Thumri

Answer: Hindustani

Ques4:  M. S. Subbalakshmi is famous vocalist for which form of Classical Music?

  1. Hindustani
  2. Carnatic
  3. Quwwali
  4. Dhrupad

Answer: Carnatic

Ques5: Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan is famous vocalist for which form of Classical Music?

  1. Thumri
  2. Dhrupad
  3. Quwwali
  4. Carnatic

Answer: Thumri

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Ques6: Compact discs, (according to the original CD specifications) hold how many minutes of music?

  1. 74 mins
  2. 90 mins
  3. 56 mins
  4. 60 mins

Answer: 74 mins

Ques7: The initials A.R. in the name of the famous music composer A.R.Rehman stands for

  1. Abdur Rasool
  2. Anjaneyulu Ramakant
  3. Aravindan Raja
  4. Allah Rakha

Answer: Allah Rakha

Ques8: Name the popular folk song of Uttar Pradesh?

  1. Maang
  2. Kajri
  3. Baul
  4. Boli

Answer: Kajri

Ques9: Hindustani classical music is broken into groups of notes. What would one of these groups of notes be called?

  1. Raaga
  2. Taal
  3. Taalam
  4. Note Group

Answer: Raaga

Ques10: Which of the following celebrates Bihu as a Folk Dance?

  1. Sikkim
  2. Meghalaya
  3. Assam
  4. Manipur

Answer: Assam

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Know More About Indian Folk Music

Indian Folk Music are prevalent in many countries. Indian Folk Music are sung over events in ancient times. In which the bravery of the King Maharajas is told. Indian Folk Music are also sung on the ancient times of the country of India. Many lovers of our country who gave their lives to make their love successful, folk songs of many such lovers are sung.

Indian Folk Music are sung over great lovers like Heer Ranjha and Laila Majnu, Sheeri Farhad. Prem ki dastan is narrated to people through folklore. Stay connected with our web portal for more updated and regular information.

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