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Sentence Ordering Questions and Answers | Basic Rules with Examples, Concepts

Ordering of Sentences

Ordering of Sentences means to arrange the sentences in a logical order. In order to perform well in this section of Sentence Ordering, one has to read every sentence carefully, concentrate on the meaning of the passage and then form a sequence at the level of idea. A few simple rules of grammar help to deliver the right order. Candidates need to firstly understand about Ordering of Sentence Basic Rules with Examples.

In this type of verbal ability questions, a sentence is broken down into six incomplete sentences. Students are required to arrange these sentences in a most appropriate sequence so that it forms a meaningful sentence. Students can also check Ordering of Sentence Questions and Answers from this page.

Ordering of Sentence

Sentence Ordering Concept

Sentence ordering is to arrange the sentences in a logical order. It enhances or improves the coherency and accuracy in the text. A number of linguistic tools are used for the demonstration of the order of the sentences, which support you to give a flow in the paragraph. This section in English Grammar requires good analytical skills in order to sentences which will fit in the starting or ending of the paragraph. Also, it requires critical thinking skills along with a thorough knowledge of figures of speech several grammatical tools.

Another one of the most frequently asked questions in various competitive exams is on sentence order. It contains a group of jumbled up sentences, which we have to arrange in a systematized manner. Although there is no set formula in order to solve such type of questions, yet gain expertise in answering these questions by brushing up your reading skills.

Basic Rules Of Sentence Ordering

  • First of all, Students need to read all the sentences and find the link among each of them that will further help you in arranging the jumbled paragraph into one logical text.
  • You must know how each sentence in the paragraph or passage transition from one to another. This will help in forming a correct storyline.
  • Identify grammar clues in the sentences and look for the words which can relate and match with the clues.
  • Search for connecting words in the sentences for example however, moreover, and more to recognize the next sentence in the paragraph.

Tips and Tricks & Shortcuts for Sentence Ordering

As mentioned below of the page, there are some quick and easy tips and trick to solve sentence ordering questions:

  1. Spotting The Opening Sentence:

The first and foremost step in addressing such problems is to identify the opening sentence. For that one has to read all the sentences mentioned in the options, then try to get the idea of the whole passage, and if we get that, then it will become effortless to spot the opening sentence.

  1. Identify The Closing Sentence:

The next step is to figure out the closing sentence of the passage which again requires reading all the sentences mentioned in the options, and accordingly try to co-relate it with the introductory sentence and the remaining another sentence.

  1. Spotting The Transition Words Or The Linking Words:

The next step is to identify the transition words which entail the shifting from one idea to another in that particular paragraph.

  1. Identifying The Pronoun Antecedents:

The last step is to spot the pronouns used in the sentence. Here again, the pronouns can be categorized into three types, namely

  • Relative pronoun: Which consists of words like who, whom, whose, which.
  • Demonstrative pronoun: It mainly consists of words like this, that, these, those.
  • Personal pronoun: Personal pronoun consists of words like he, she, him, her, you, they, it.

After identifying these pronouns, scan all the options and try to set a connection between all the sentences coherently and logically.

Sentence Ordering Questions and Answers

In questions below, each passage consists of six sentences. The first and sixth sentences are given in the beginning. The middle four sentences in each have been removed and jumbled up. These are labeled as P, Q, R and S. Find out the proper order for the four sentences.


S1:     In the middle of one side of the square sits the Chairman of the committee, the most important person in the room.

P :      For a committee is not just a mere collection of individuals.

Q :     On him rests much of the responsibility for the success or failure of the committee.

R :      While this is happening we have an opportunity to get the ‘feel’ of this committe.

S :      As the meeting opens, he runs briskly through a number of formalities.

S6:     From the moment its members meet, it begins to have a sort nebulous life of its own.

The Proper sequence should be:

  1. RSQP
  2. PQRS
  3. SQPR
  4. QSRP

Answer: Option 4


S1:     A force of exists between everybody in the universe.

P :      Normally it is very small but when the one of the bodies is a planet, like earth, the force is considerable.

Q :     It has been investigated by many scientists including Galileo and Newton.

R :      Everything on or near the surface of the earth is attracted by the mass of earth.

S :      This gravitational force depends on the mass of the bodies involved.

S6:     The greater the mass, the greater is the earth’s force of attraction on it. We can call this force of attraction gravity.

The Proper sequence should be:

  1. PRQS
  2. PRSQ
  3. QSRP
  4. QSPR

Answer: Option 4


S1:     Calcutta unlike other cities kepts its trams.

P :      As a result there horrendous congestion.

Q :     It was going to be the first in South Asia.

R :      They run down the centre of the road

S :      To ease in the city decided to build an underground railway line.

S6:     The foundation stone was laid in 1972.

The Proper sequence should be:

  1. PRSQ
  2. PSQR
  3. SQRP
  4. RPSQ

Answer: Option 4


S1:     For some time in his youth Abraham Lincoln was manager for a shop.

P :      Then a chance Customer would come.

Q :     Young Lincoln way of keeping shop was entirely unlike anyone else’s

R :      Lincoln would jump up and attend to his needs and then revert to his reading.

S :      He used to lie full length on the counter of the shop eagerly reading a book.

S6:     Never before had Lincoln had so much time for reading as had then.

The Proper sequence should be:

  1. SRQP
  2. QSPR
  3. SQRP
  4. QPSR

Answer: Option 2


S1:     All the land was covered by the ocean.

P :      The leading god fought the monster, killed it and chopped its body in to two halves.

Q :     A terrible monster prevented the gods from separating the land from the water.

R :      The god made the sky out of the upper part of the body and ornamented it with stars.

S :      The god created the earth from the lower part, grew plants on it and populated it with animals.

S6:     The god moulded the first people out of clay according to his own image and mind.

The Proper sequence should be:

  1. PQRS
  2. PQSR
  3. QPSR
  4. QPRS

Answer: Option 4


S1:     Smoke oozed up between the planks.

P :      Passengers were told to be ready to quit the ship.

Q :     The rising gale fanned the smouldering fire.

R :      Everyone now knew there was fire on board.

S :      Flames broke out here and there.

S6:     Most people bore the shock bravely.

The Proper sequence should be:

  1. SRQP
  2. QPSR
  3. RSPQ
  4. QSRP

Answer: Option 1


S1:     You know my wife, Madhavi, always urged me to give up smoking.

P :      I really gave it up.

Q :     And so When I went to jail I said to myself I really must give it up, if for no other reason than of being self-reliant.

R :      When I emerged from jail, I wanted to tell her of my great triumph.

S :      But when I met her, there she was with a packet of cigarettes.

S6:     poor girl!.

The Proper sequence should be:

  1. PSRQ
  2. SPQR
  3. QPRS
  4. RSPQ

Answer: Option 3


S1:     When a satellite is launched, the rocket begins by going slowly upwards through the air.

P :      However, the higher it goes, the less air it meets.

Q :     As the rocket goes higher, it travels faster.

R :      For the atmosphere becomes thinner.

S :      As a result there is less friction.

S6:     Consequently, the rocket still does not become too hot.

The Proper sequence should be:

  1. QPRS
  2. QSPR
  3. PQRS
  4. PQSR

Answer: Option 1


S1:     A father having offered to take the baby out in a perambulator, was tempted by the sunny morning to slip into a pub for a glass of beer.

P :      Indignant at her husband’s behaviour, she decided to teach him a lesson.

Q :     She wheeled away the pram.

R :      A little later, his wife came by, where to her horror, she discovered her sleeping baby.

S :      Leaving the pram outside, he disappeared inside the bar.

S6:     She waited for him, anticipating the white face and quivering lips which would soon appear with the news that the baby had been stolen.

The Proper sequence should be:

  1. SRPQ
  2. RQPS
  3. SPQR
  4. PQSR

Answer: Option 1


S1:     The city is almost a slum and stinks most of time.

P :      The slush on the road did not deter them.

Q :     The occasional slips and falls were considered a small price to pay for the trip.

R :      They were excited, fascinated by the sight of fresh snow on the roads.

S :      Even so, it looked beautiful to tourists of various categories.

S6:     But some visitors came away with the unforgettable sight of young labours scantily clad.

The Proper sequence should be:

  1. RQPS
  2. QPRS
  3. RSQP
  4. SPQR

Answer: Option 4


S1:     Venice is a strange and beautiful city in the north of Italy.

P :      There are about four hundred old stone bridges joining the island of Venice.

Q :     In this city there are no motor cars, no horses, no buses.

R :      These small islands are near one another.

S :      It is not an island but a hundred and seventeen islands.

S6:     This is because Venice has no streets.

The Proper sequence should be:

  1. PQRS
  2. PRQS
  3. SRPQ
  4. PQSR

Answer: Option 3


S1:     The Hound of Baskervilles was feared by the people of the area.

P :      Some people spoke of seeing a huge, shadowy form a Hound at midnight on the moor.

Q :     But they spoke of it in tones of horror.

R :      Nobody had actually seen the hound.

S :      This shadowy form did not reveal any details about the animal.

S6:     The Hound of Baskervilles remains an unsolved mystery.

The Proper sequence should be:

  1. SPQR
  2. SPRQ
  3. PSRQ
  4. PQRS

Answer: Option 3


S1:     A gentleman who lived alone always had two plates placed on the table at dinner time.

P :      One day just as he sat down to dine, the cat rushed in to the room.

Q :     One plate was for himself and other was for his cat.

R :      she drooped a mouse into her own plate and another into her master plate.

S :      He used to give the cat a piece of meat from his own plate.

S6:     In this way the cat showed her gratitude to her master.

The Proper sequence should be:

  1. QSPR
  2. PSRQ
  3. QRSP
  4. RPQS

Answer: Option 1


S1:     Ants eat worms, centipedes and spiders.

P :      They are usually much quicker than the ant itself.

Q :     Nevertheless, these animals do not make easy game for ants.

R :      Besides, they have an extraordinary number of ways of escaping.

S :      They also eat larvae and insect adults such as flies, moths and spring tails.

S6:     Some jump, and some give out a pungent repellent substance.

The Proper sequence should be:

  1. SQPR
  2. SPRQ
  3. SQRP
  4. SRQP

Answer: Option 1


S1:     Satyajit Ray made several films for children.

P :      Later film makers have followed his lead.

Q :     Today other nations are making the children’s film in a big way.

R :      This was at a time when no director considered children as potential audience.

S :      Ray was, thus, a pioneer in the field.

S6:     But today few think of Ray as a maker of children’s films.

The Proper sequence should be:

  1. PSRQ
  2. RSQP
  3. RSPQ
  4. SQRP

Answer: Option 3


S1:     Hungary, with a population of about 10 million, lies between Czechoslovakia to the north and Yugoslavia to the south.

P :      Here a great deal of grain is grown.

Q :     In recent years, however, progress has been made also in the field of industrialisation.

R :      Most of this country consists of an extremely fertile plain, through which the river Danube flows.

S :      In addition to grain, the plain produces potatoes, sugar, wine and livestock.

S6:     The new industries derive mainly from agricultural production.

The Proper sequence should be:

  1. QRSP
  2. RPSQ
  3. PRSQ
  4. RQSP

Answer: Option 2


S1:     Palaeobotany is the study of fossil plants preserved in rocks dating back in millions of years.

P :      Records of the history of the world are contained in fossils.

Q :     Through the ages, plants have evolved from simple to more complex forms.

R :      First there were water plants then land plants appeared during the Paleozoic era.

S :      But since the fossil remains appear locked in rock layers, they are closely related to the geologist area of investigation.

S6:     The fossil plants indicate the age of the rock, and also point to facts regarding climate, temperature and topography.

The Proper sequence should be:

  1. RQSP
  2. SQRP
  3. PSQR
  4. QRPS

Answer: Option 4


S1:     On vacation in Tangier, Morocco, my friend and I sat down at a street cafe.

P :      At one point, he bent over with a big smile, showing me, a single gold tooth and a dingy fez.

Q :     soon I felt the presence of someone standing alongside me.

R :      But this one wouldn’t budge.

S :      We had been cautioned about beggars and were told to ignore them.

S6:     Finally a man walked over to me and whispered, “Hey buddy this guy is your waiter and he wants your order”

The Proper sequence should be:

  1. SQRP
  2. SQPR
  3. QSRP
  4. QSPR

Answer: Option 3


S1:     And then Gandhi came.

P :      Get off the backs of these peasants and workers, he told us, all you who live by their exploitation.

Q :     He was like a powerful current of fresh air, like a beam of light, like a whirlwind that upset many things.

R :      He spoke their language and constantly dre their attention to their appalling conditions.

S :      He didn’t descent from the top, he seemed to emerge from the masses of India.

S6:     Political freedom took new shape and then acquired a new content.

The Proper sequence should be:

  1. QSRP
  2. SRQP
  3. RSQP
  4. PRSQ

Answer: Option 2


S1:     Biological evolution has not fitted man to any specific environment.

P :      It is by no means a biological evolution, but it is a cultural one.

Q :     His imagination, his reason, his emotional subtlety and toughness, makes it possible for him not to accept the environment but to change.

R :      And that series of inventions by which man from age by age has reshaped his environment is a different kind of evolution.

S :      Among the multitude of animals which scamper, burrow swim around us he is in the only one who is not locked in to his environment.

S6:     That brilliant sequence of cultural peaks can most appropriately be termed the ascent of man.

The Proper sequence should be:

  1. QPRS
  2. SRQP
  3. QRSP
  4. SQRP

Answer: Option 3

We hope that this page of Ordering Of Sentences will play an important role in your preparation and save your time. If you have any query or problem related to Ordering Of Sentences, you can share with us through below given comment box.

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