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SSC GD Constable Previous Year Papers – Download Model Question Paper PDF

SSC GD Constable Previous Year Papers          

Candidates who are preparing for the Staff Selection Commission GD Constable Recruitment exam must download the SSC GD Constable Previous Year Papers. Here in this page, we have provided the latest SSC GD Model Question Paper Pdf which is available for free to download.

SSC Constable GD Previous Year Paper: Highlight

Name of the OrganizationStaff Selection Commission (SSC)
Name of the PostsConstable (GD) Vacancies
CategorySSC Constable GD Previous Year Paper
Job LocationIndia

SSC GD Constable Previous Year Papers

SSC GD Constable Previous Year Papers

By pressing below link candidates can get the question answer of previous exams, so they can prepare better for their exam or they can crack their exams. So they must check the below provided SSC GD Model Paper links.

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General Intelligence and Reasoning

SSC GD Previous Papers – Download links

SSC GD Question Paper in Hindi PDF as well as SSC GD Constable Previous Year Question Paper PDF in English is available below:

SSC GD Question Paper PDFDownload SSC GD Previous Paper
SSC GD Previous Year Paper in HindiPDF
SSC GD Previous Year Question Paper in Hindi PDF DownloadPDF
SSC GD Previous Year Question Paper in EnglishPDF

SSC GD Constable Question and Answers

Q.1.Introducing a man, a woman says, “He is the only son of my mother’s mother.” How is the man related to the woman ?

  1. Uncle
  2. Father
  3. Maternal uncle
  4. Brother

Ans: Option C

Q.2. Introducing ‘Rakesh’, Raj said, “he is the son of the only son of my grandfather”. How is ‘Rakesh’ related to Raj?

  1. Son
  2. Brother
  3. Father
  4. Nephew

Ans: Option B

Q.3. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group ?

  1. March
  2. January
  3. July
  4. June

Ans: Option D

Q.4. If water is called black, black is called tree, tree is called blue, blue is called rain, rain is called pink and pink is called fist in a certain language, what is the colour of the sky called in that language ?

  1. Blue
  2. Fish
  3. Rain
  4. Pink

Ans: Option C

Q.5. M is older than R. Q is younger than R and N. N is not as old as M. Who among M, N, R and Q is the oldest?

  1. M
  2. R
  3. M R
  4. Q

Ans: Option A

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Q.6. Surendra introduces “Raju as the son of the only brother of his father’s wife”. How is Raju related to Surendra?

  1. Cousin
  2. Son
  3. Uncle
  4. Brother

Ans: Option A

Q.7. Air is to atmosphere as water is to

  1. biosphere
  2. stratosphere
  3. ecosphere
  4. hydrosphere

Ans: Option D

Q.8. In a row of children facing North, Bharat is eleventh from the right end and is third to the right of Samir who is fifteenth from the left end. Total how many children are there in the row?

  1. 29
  2. 28
  3. 30
  4. 27

Ans: Option B

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Q.9. If 2 is added to the last digit of each number and then the positions of the first and the third digits are interchanged, which of the following will be the highest number ?

  1. 576
  2. 895
  3. 783
  4. 394

Ans: Option A

Q.10. Nandini stops to walk after covering a distance of 10 km to the west. She then turns to the right and walks 8 km. Again she walks 4 km to the right. How far is she from her office?

  1. 18 km
  2. 8 km
  3. 16 km
  4. 10 km

Ans: Option D

Q.11. The average weight of A, B and C is 45 kg. If the average weight of A and B be 40 kg and that of B and C be 43 kg, then the weight of B is:

  1. 17 kg
  2. 20 kg
  3. 26 kg
  4. 31 kg

Ans: Option D

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Q.12. The average weight of 16 boys in a class is 50.25 kg and that of the remaining 8 boys is 45.15 kg. Find the average weights of all the boys in the class.

  1. 55 kg
  2. 48 kg
  3. 55 kg
  4. 25 kg

Ans: Option C

Q.13. A library has an average of 510 visitors on Sundays and 240 on other days. The average number of visitors per day in a month of 30 days beginning with a Sunday is:

  1. 250
  2. 276
  3. 280
  4. 285

Ans: Option D

Q.14. If the average marks of three batches of 55, 60 and 45 students respectively is 50, 55, 60, then the average marks of all the students is:

  1. 33
  2. 68
  3. 55
  4. None of these

Ans: Option B

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Q.15. A pupil’s marks were wrongly entered as 83 instead of 63. Due to that the average marks for the class got increased by half (1/2). The number of pupils in the class is:

  1. 10
  2. 20
  3. 40
  4. 73

Ans: Option C

Q.16. The 5th RCEP Intersessional Ministerial meeting was held in __________.

  1. Kyoto
  2. London
  3. Hong Kong
  4. Tokyo

Ans: Option D

Q.17. The Chhattisgarh govt plans to set up a tribal museum in which of the following city?

  1. Jagdalpur
  2. Naya Raipur
  3. Bilaspur
  4. Raigarh

Ans: Option B

Q.18. The 9th meeting of Eminent Persons Group (EPG) on Indo-Nepal relations was held in __________.

  1. Pokhara
  2. New Delhi
  3. Kathmandu
  4. Pune

Ans: Option C

Q.19. This city has topped the list of ‘Smartest City’ in Middle East survey.

  1. Sharjah
  2. Dubai
  3. Abu Dhabi
  4. Bahrain

Ans: Option C

Q.20. Asia’s first arbitration centre will be come up in __________.

  1. Tokyo
  2. Beijing
  3. Kuala Lumpur
  4. Bangkok

Ans: Option A

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SSC GD Constable Exam Pattern

  • Total Marks: 100 marks
  • Duration of the Exam: 2 Hours
  • Type of Paper: Objective type Multiple Choice Questions
  • Topics: General Intelligence & Reasoning, General Knowledge and Awareness, Elementary Mathematics and English/ Hindi.
Subject NameNo of
Time Allotted
General Intelligence
& Reasoning
25 2 hours
General Knowledge
and Awareness
Elementary Mathematics25
English/ Hindi25

SSC GD Constable Question Papers

Download SSC GD Constable Previous Year Papers PDF in Hindi/ English from here!!! Staff Selection Commission conducts recruitment exam for filling up the post of GD Constable. In order to qualify the examination, you need to do preparation with SSC GD Constable Model Question Paper.

SSC GD Constable Previous Year Papers/ SSC GD Old Paper/ Sample Papers helps in knowing the pattern of questions that can be asked in the exam. SSC GD Question Paper 2019 PDF Download link will act as a guide in understanding question pattern & the difficulty level of each paper.


For more information and details about the SSC GD Constable Previous Year Papers, stay connected with us on this page.

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