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Vocabulary Quiz | Online Test, English Vocab Quizzes for Competitive Exams

Vocabulary Quiz

Vocabulary is not only the knowledge of words. It is also about knowing the right words to be used in the right situations in the right form. Solving Vocabulary Quiz will help you to know the usage of words in different situations.

To improve the vocabulary one can take online tests. The Vocabulary plays an important role in every section even in Competitive Examinations too.Here we have given English Vocab Quizzes for Competitive Exams through which one can prepare for Vocab Section better.

English Vocab Quizzes for Competitive Exams

In the below section of this page of you will get several Vocabulary Quiz questions related to General Vocabulary, Advanced Vocabulary, Slang Vocabulary, Idioms and Phrases vocab etc.

Vocabulary Quiz

Go through the below given Vocabulary Quiz and check your Vocab skills:

General Vocabulary Quiz

Question.1: There’s a lot of work, but I can ______ it.

  1. Deal
  2. handle

Answer: 2

Question.2: The company has a reputation for treating their _____ well.

  1. Employees
  2. employed

Answer: 1

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Question.3: I’m thinking about  _____  my job.

  1. Quitting
  2. stopping

Answer: 1

Question.4: We didn’t use the airconditioner at all during that _______ last summer.

  1. forecast
  2. cold spell
  3. sunburn

Answer: 2

Question.5: You can get struck by _______ during an electrical storm.

  1. thunder
  2. sunshine
  3. lightning

Answer: 3

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SLANG Vocabulary Quiz:

Question.6: To spill the ‘tea’ means to…

  1. Confess something
  2. Gossip about someone
  3. Knock over a hot drink

Answer: 2

Question.7: When would you use the word ‘fire’?

  1. When complimenting a witty comeback
  2. When referring to something that is really cool
  3. To describe the chemical reaction between oxygen and some sort of fuel

Answer: 2

Question.8: If someone is ‘salty’, they are…

  1. Upset, annoyed, agitated or upset
  2. Really into fast food
  3. Lying about something

Answer: 1

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Question.9: What does ‘savage’ mean?

  1. Something, particularly food, which is really tasty
  2. Someone who doesn’t care about the consequences of their words or actions
  3. Something or someone that is violent, fierce and uncontrollable

Answer: 2

Question.10: If someone says they ‘stan’ someone, what does it mean?

  1. They can’t stand them
  2. They are obsessed with them
  3. They can just about tolerate them

Answer: 2

Idioms Quiz

Question.11: To throw up the sponge

  1. To surrender or give up a contest
  2. To offer a challenge
  3. To become utterly disappointed
  4. To maintain grit and enthusiasm untill the end

Answer: 1

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Question.12:  To lose one’s head

  1. To go mad
  2. To become nervous
  3. To become confused and over excited
  4. To lose the balance

Answer: 3

Question.13: To smell a rat

  1. To detect bad smell
  2. To misunderstand
  3. To suspect a trick or deceit
  4. To see hidden meaning

Answer: 3

Question.14: To take with a grain of salt

  1. To take with some reservation 
  2. To take with total disbelief
  3. To take whole heartedly
  4. To take seriously

Answer: 1

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Question.15: To throw down the glove

  1. To resort to wrong tactics
  2. To give a challenge
  3. To accept defeat
  4. To reject the prize

Answer: 2

Advanced Level Quiz

Question.16: AJAR: The bus driver left the door ajar so that returning passengers could reboard after the rest stop.

  1. unlocked.
  2. slightly open.
  3. well lit.
  4. well marked

Answer: 2

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Question.17: Their business hasn’t taken off as expected, ____ , they are happy that the number of their customers is increasing.

  1. furthermore
  2. inasmuch as
  3. nonetheless
  4. moreover

Answer: 3

Question.18: This could have hardly _____ better- we sealed the deal and signed the contract.

  1. done
  2. gone out
  3. made
  4. played out

Answer: 4

Question.19: I’m a teacher and _____ my husband.

  1. is a teacher
  2. is he
  3. so is
  4. such is

Answer: 3

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Question.20: It took a long time _______ accepted.

  1. for the theory to be
  2. until the theory
  3. the theory was
  4. while the theory became

Answer: 1

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We hope with the help of this page it will become easier for you all to know about the Vocabulary, Types of Vocabulary Quiz, and some important questions from Vocabulary Quiz. Candidates willing to keep this article safe may bookmark it by suing CTRL+D tab.

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